Do I need to replace the shock absorber in my car
12th August 2016
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Your car’s steering, brakes, comfort and handling all depends on the car’s shock absorbers. Over time, it’s efficiency depreciates so a replacement is needed. Its longevity depends on how often we use our vehicle, on what weather condition, its load and road it’s running on. Of course, the heavier the load in a harsher condition can wear the shock absorber faster than usual.

There are tell- tale signs that we can watch out for to determine whether our car’s shock absorber is still in good condition.

Abnormal vibration

If your shock absorber is worn out, the vibration between your car and the road can be felt by the driver especially when running on uneven surface. Shock absorber supports both the car and the wheel so the body of the car will not move harshly when the wheel hits a bump on the road. If you’re experiencing this, your shock absorber might not be in good condition anymore.

Longer distance for braking

If your car tends to stop much slower than normal, then it’s one of the signs that your shock absorber needs replacement. Worn out shocks can increase the stopping distance for up to 20% which is enough for you to get involved in car accident especially if it’s raining where wheels lose more traction due to wet road or pavement.

Car dips or swerves when braking

Another symptom that you can observe is the car dipping when braking. If your car tips forward or swerves whenever you hit the brakes, then your car might be suffering from worn out shock absorbers. This can also pose hazards especially if you’re in a highway where you can bump any cars if you swerve abruptly.

Unusual tyre wears

This is also one of the symptoms that your car is having shock absorber problems. If you notice that your tyres have patches, it’s better to have it checked.

If you have observed most of these signs in your car, do not hesitate for another minute and have your cars checked in a professional car servicing company such as Buckingham Tyre and Exhaust Centre. You can rest assure that they’ll be able to take care of your car and replace the shock absorbers properly as they have good reputation on the car servicing industry for more than 23 years.

It’s better to spend a few quid for shock absorber replacement than to spend a thousand pound for hospital bills.

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