Buckingham Tyres car repair specialists recommend checking your tyres once a month.
11th January 2016
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Tyre Pressure

Ideally you should be checking and inflating your tyres once a month to the vehicles recommend air pressure. To find out the information check through your handbook which should have been supplied with you vehicle. When planning a long journey, it would be best to check them before you set out. Top Tip: The best way to check is when your tyres are cold.

Tyre Tread

Check your tyres tread regularly, the last thing you want is a bald tyre that could cause you an accident in the future. Tyres are expensive but they are also lifesaving ensuring you check them regularly and spotting the signs of when they need changing.

You should check your tyres in the winter to avoid accidents in wet and slippery conditions. It is very dangerous to be on the road in these months with tyres that haven’t been checked in a long period of time.

Second hand used and worn

When purchasing used and worn tyres be careful they may not be road legal. They’re not advisable due to the short period of time they last. At Buckingham Tyres they sell the best quality tyres including top brands Bridgestone, Good Year and they have the all-new 2015 Michelin Cross climate which is a new all year round tyre.

With their excellent customer service and dedication Buckingham Tyres will make you feel welcome and guide you through the steps of checking your tyres regular and why it is important.

You will leave with full confidence knowing you made the right purchase and choice.






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