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Shock absorbers are important part of your vehicle to ensure good vehicle performance and stability.
If you need a new exhaust for your vehicle in Buckingham, Buckingham Tyres & Exhaust Centre could help...
Here are 3 important checks you should carry out on your tyres and why.
The shock absorbers of your car are important to you and your vehicles safety, here's what you should look out for...
It is vital for fuel consumption that your exhaust system is in a good working condition, therefore if you think that there is a problem, you should get it checked out by the professionals!
Do you check your tyres regularly and ensure that they have the correct amount of pressure with no punctures, nails or any other common problems that may occur? Do you know how to check if your tyres are road legal? The last thing you want is to be pulled over and land an expensive fine for not being road legal causing a void on your insurance. Buckingham Tyres are experts in car repairs and servicing, they can help and give you advice on how to check your tyres regularly. The next time you’re checking your tyres, you will be able to spot a problem!
Tyres are an expensive part of any car and caring for them is vitally important for your safety all year around. However, during winter extra attention needs to be given to your tyres and here are some top tips for caring for them during the winter.
Tips for looking after your tyres
Tips for looking after your tyres
Replacing the tyres on your car can be a very expensive business so here are some tips to help you get the most life out of each set.
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