Selling your house - Tips from Langford Russell to improve your chances of a sale
22nd March 2016
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Normally when people are looking to buy a house they are often looking at space within the house, so a cluttered home won't help with them see the potential in your property.

There are certain things that we can do to help make our property look more spacious and more appealing to buyers.

Here are some of the things sellers' can do to help sell their property and also even add value to their property:

  • De-cluttering and getting rid of things that are just gathering dust
  • Clearing the kitchen sides of unnecessary items
  • Baking freshly baked bread or freshly brewed coffee
  • Open plan living space
  • Using mirrors on the wall to increase the impression of space
  • Taking down family photos/artwork and other personal ornaments
  • Clean the carpets
  • Buying new or brighter bulbs - particularly for evening viewings
  • Removing items from built in wardrobes to make them look like they have more space
  • Removing bulky items or furniture
  • Pressure wash the driveway
  • Having fresh flowers on display
  • Tidier and clearer houses create a lovely impression and give the house a nicer feel

If you are thinking of selling your property in Bromley then Langford Russell have a friendly, trusted team of people ready to help you get the best for you. Give them a call on 0208 315 5544 or email

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