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Keep your children activities fun and active with mini trampolines from Bromley-based MyRebounder.


With the influx of tablets and computers these days, children are spending less time doing activities such as running, jumping, climbing, and crawling. This is where MyRebounder comes in. They are a family-run business that focuses on keeping children active while having fun with kid-friendly mini trampolines.

Most mini trampolines already in the market are made for adults, are difficult to store, unappealing to kids, not always made to last and have poor bounce quality. Fuelled by her passion to provide age-appropriate mini trampolines, the owner Helen Schoeb set up MyRebounder to meet the demands for premium quality rebounders that are designed for children aged 3 to 7 years old. With children of her own, Helen understands the requirements for mini trampolines that are safe, secure, and attractive to children. As such, she has completed training at the Bellicon Academy, a highly acclaimed German rebounder manufacturer.

Using these mini trampolines is greatly beneficial to your kids. Getting one for your home means your children are more inclined to use them, keeping them active and happy while improving their health. Health benefits include increased flexibility and coordination, and improved muscle strength and posture.

MyRebounder products are tested intensively for a more superior and comfortable bounce as compared to commercial trampolines. These products are compliant with European Standards, so you can be sure that you’re purchasing a premium quality mini trampoline. It’s no small wonder that the company was a finalist for the Junior Design Awards 2017, Best Toy Design for the 6+ Years category and is also a Bronze Medal Winner for Made for Mums 2017 Best Active Toy. MyRoubounder is in the Good Toy Guide and the Huffington Post also features the company's blog.  

Customers say MyRebounder mini trampolines keep their children attentive and active even when indoors. It’s also a great way to exercise even while watching the TV. Get one today to keep your children happy and healthy. Head on to their website to place an order or email for enquiries.

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