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Great flexible weight plan with your own consultant to help you along the way

What is the Cambridge Weight Plan?

The Cambridge Weight Plan is a fantastic flexible weight management programme for both Men and Women.

A gradual weight loss and weight management programme using a range of delicious soups, bars, shakes, savoury rice, spaghetti bolognese, rice pudding and porridge can be combined with conventional food. The nutritionally balanced programmes range from 440kcal to 1500+kcal per day.

  • Offering friendly one-to-one support from your local Cambridge Consultant Hannah Gray.
  • Flexible programmes for you that are convenient and easy to use
  • Great tasting products

What is great about the support?

You won't feel like you are on your own you will have your own consultant Hannah there to motivate and encourage you during your weight loss journey, also once you reach your target Hannah will be there to support you to maintain your new look.

Hannah is trained and accredited Cambridge Weight Plan consultant and will be there to give you an excellent level or service.

What happens next?

You will have a relaxed screening interview with Hannah, you will be advised to see your doctor before starting the plan. If you have a specific condition or a high BMI or a taking any medication you may need doctors approval before you can start any programme. You will complete a personal record form which Hannah will be kept updated on your progress. All records and safe and confidential.

At your first face-to-face meeting with Hannah you will be weighed and measured then you will discuss an appropriate weight target.

Hannah will explain the four stages of each weight loss programme with you including preparation, weight loss, stabilisation and long-term weight management. You will receive a booklet and go through each step.

Cambridge Weight Plan comes in a mouth-watering range of flavours and your Consultant will stock or make available the complete range of core products so you can select your favourites.

What to do next?

Give your local Cambridge Weight Plan consultant Hannah Gray a call on 07778 187921Or Email on



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