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visiting the 2gether charity shop is a different experience from other charity shops, the items for sale are fresh and smell good, the shop is bright, light and well organised. the atmosphere is welcoming, encourages browsing, the staff are friendly, helpful and efficient . overall the shopping experience in the 2gether charity shop is excellent. from Anne-Marie Brant.
Absolutely the best charity shop I have ever been to. Lovely staff, really good stock, great ambience, very affordable prices. I wish I could visit your shop every day or, even better, few times per day to hunt for some good items.
Brilliant shop, the window displays always look enticing and they offer a lt t the community I terms of fund raisers and events, brilliant!
Such a warm welcoming place. The store is fresh and always smells so clean. Staff are really polite.
2gether in Chislehurst.I love this shop! Amazing staff and amazing bargains!
The staff are always so friendly, the good are such good value, lovely atmosphere.
What a fantastic charity shop! Love it, so many bargains and lovely atmosphere.
I come to this shop as often as I can because it is fantastic. My home is filled with many beautiful things because of this place!
This shop is AMAZING! Clare is fantastic and so are the volunteers. Its an amazing environment to shop and work in and I love how it stands for the community and local businesses!
Unlike so many charity shops 2gether is light, bright, clean and friendly place to shop.
I find it very difficult to pass this little charity shop without coming and looking for a bargain. I know I'll be greeted with a friendly smile and nice chat - and quite often find a good bargain.
Have been shopping in 2gether charity shop for years and it is always so welcoming and interesting.
I have been a regular customer of 2gether since it opened - I love it. I can't go to Chislehurst High Street without popping in and popping out with an item or 2. Its my local boutique, everything is unique, just a one off. Clare and her staff are happy and helpful. Everything is tastefully displayed, and there is something for everyone. I bought several Christmas presents for friends this year. I love 2gether for all the above reasons.
I am happy to vote in favour for 2gether shop. My reasons are thus, always a warm welcome and for a very worthy charity helping the local youth get on their feet and feel wanted in the community.
My accountant told me about this shop as she is always getting bits and pieces in there. I went to look for myself and was amazed. it does not look like any other charity shop that i have ever been in. It is clean, tidy and fresh and very welcoming.
My wife loves popping into this shop and i love her visiting as she brings home goodies for our daughter but at the same time it saves my wallet. Keep up the good work 2gether.
I was introduced to this charity shop by my friend and i haven't looked back. my favourite purchases are books for my 7 year old daughter who reads very quickly. great shop to visit.
I usually only go into 2gether to donate goods on the instructions of my wife but i have always found the staff to be helpful and friendly and it is a clean and tidy environment.
By far the nicest charity shop I've ever been in - very tidy, clean and extremely well presented... and none of that horrid 'second hand stuff smell' you often encounter in charity shops!! Great that they offer coffee too! Best charity shop around!
This is an excellent charity shop selling a diverse range of good quality products with laudable social aims and very happy friendly staff.
This is a great charity shop! Not only are the items always well displayed, but the staff will go the extra mile to help you find what you need.
The staff are always very helpful, and the items are well displayed. My kids like to go in there with there pocket money, and nearly always come out with something they have found.
This is one charity shop that always has a fresh fragrance is bright and a pleasant shop to come into. The staff are most helpful and always willing to help,
I love shopping here, every time i go in they have something different that entices me. The prices are amazing too, couldn't fault it. Friendly staff, great deals and amazing stock.
Together could compete with a regular shop any day. It feels fresh and modern and always has good quality products!
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