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I have had a painful hip and lower back for some while and a friend of mine recommended Cathy. My first appointment lasted about an hour and a half and included a consultation. The treatment Cathy gave was gentle but very effective, explaining to me throughout just exactly what she was doing, helping my body unravel itself. It gave me a much better understanding of my body and how it works and how, with help, it heals itself. I noticed a great improvement in my mobility after just my first treatment and a week later I had a second treatment and since then I am virtually pain free. I also have much more energy and really feel like I am getting back to being my `old` self again, and will very soon be able to return to my usual daily exercise routine.
I have had two cranioscral treatments by Catherine the first treatment was quiet amazing I felt really relaxed and experience a lot of purple colours while my eyes were closed during the second treatment this was not as vivid I felt very relaxed and after the treatment I felt quiet invigorated I was advised to drink plenty of water which I felt was good as I did feel very thirsty and I slept really well after both treatments. I will definitely have more treatments and have recommended my friends to have the treatment as I do feel it was beneficial.
I had around four months of regular MFR treatment sessions last year. Apart from being incredibly soothing and relaxing to the degree that I usually fell asleep at some point during the proceedings, they were also genuinely helpful in rebalancing my skeletal system, and were also particularly useful in controlling pain and promoting flexibility after a lumbar spine injury.
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What is Myofascial Release good for?

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