Tackle Africa Charity - The Brighton Football Marathon

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Absolute madness for a great cause. Brilliantly organized. Well done Tackle Africa.
Great initiative. Friendly spirit in general. Length of matches could be shortened for more fun and less pain.
Was great to see the Football Marathon come to Brighton, helping to raise much needed funds for HIV education of young people in a way that is fun and engaging and on their terms - for life-changing results. Lovely day, great atmosphere and impressive dedication by all concerned in giving their time and energy for such a worthwhile cause.
Well organised event. Would be happy to compete again but ask me after 12 hrs!
To grow it needs a dedicated food/drink stall. Everything else seems well run. Dedicated refs?
Nice venue, easy access. Maybe somewhere a bit flatter next-time.
Well organised + is very fun - just need more teams next year.
Football marathon day is the best day of the year… and bringing it to Brighton just made it even better.
Excellent day, lots of fun, I score goals.
Efficiently run but pitches could be better i.e. flat, better cut grass. Falmer would be good.
A very well organised day that provides enjoyment for everyone involved. Hard-work, but a great way to start pre-season!!
A brilliant day out, hours of fun, sweat and tears for all to enjoy.
Well organised football matches. Would love the provision of food though.
The event is about 12 hours too long! Seriously though, great day, great weather, great cause.
Well organised. Good fun. Fab atmosphere. But still ten hours to go.
Tackle Africa Well set up and professionally run.
Great day but ask me after 25 games! Then onto the sauce! I deserve it.
Good organisation, friendly atmosphere. DOMS.
A great day & a great cause. I'm sure my husband won't be able to walk tomorrow but it's worth it!
Fantastic day and a superb cause - the trophy is amazing too (not that I'll get to lift it!)
Great day maybe too long. Maybe have a stand selling food & football gear.
Onsite masseuse from the university to help with injury assistance. Otherwise very good.
Tackle Africa What a great event and very well organised. Lots of pain and even more fun!!!
Great day, for a great cause. Well done, to everyone taking part!!
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