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As Brighton and Hove's latest cultural attraction, Hove Plinth will feature a new sculpture every 18 months or so for all residents and visitors to enjoy.

Hove Plinth is the creation of Hove Civic Society designed to provide a platform for regularly changing works of sculpture to be enjoyed by the whole community.  They planned the whole project including seeking permission and funding right the way through to holding a public vote on which the first two sculptures on the plinth should be.  It is based on Hove seafront at the bottom of Grand Avenue.


The winner for the first sculpture was the fascinating 'Constellation' by Jonathan Wright.  It was based on the idea of a model of the solar system and features, instead of planets, icons that represent important aspects of Hove life and history.  Some of the historic items, like one of the first video cameras and the Bronze Age Amber Cup were based on 3D scans of items found in Hove Museum which were then 3D printed and gilded.  Other, more modern, icons consist of a model of a turbine from the Rampion Windfarm and a skateboarder who was 3D bodyscanned so their likeness could feature on the sculpture.


Constellation is a 'talking sculpture' which means people can click on a link on the information board which will make their phone ring and they can hear information about the sculpture.

Sculpture Number Two

Next up will be a sculpture called Flight of the Langoustine by Pierre Diamantopoulo.  It's completely different to Constellation but we have over a year to enjoy Constellation before we get to see the new one.


Contribute to Hove Plinth

Maintenance and commissioning new sculptures for Hove Plinth isn't free so they need support from local residents to keep this lovely cultural attraction available for all to enjoy.  If you would like to donate, you can see how by clicking here.  Merchandise with profits going to support Hove Plinth will also be available in this year's Artists' Open Houses at Collections Selection.

If you'd like to know more about Hove Plinth, you can contact the organising team by clicking here.

Cover photo courtesy of My Brighton and Hove.

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