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The Druids Head Brighton would like to say how happy we with the service she received over the past two years, there has been a vast improvement on previous years, I find it very helpful, especially the advertising, and the way we are kept up to date with the local news in our community, the support we get from the Bid, and also the fact that Gavin takes the time to actually drop by and meet his members, gives me a great comfort, and actually makes me feel that I really am getting something from being a member of the BID. Yvonne, Manager, The Druid’s Head.
The strength of the Brilliant Brighton website is that it brings together customers and traders by creating a genuine environment where shoppers can see what bargains and services are to be had in Brighton, so that retailers feel motivated to get involved and display their wares. This customer-focussed approach has produced a wide following of more than 3,000 consumers and this huge success has been achieved in a few short months. Andrew Burnyeat BID Chair
As a new business starting out in the middle of a recession, Brighton BID has been a fundamental part of our promotion strategy and has succeeded in drawing in new clients for us. The fact that I can write news features or promotional offers and have them broadcast instantly to thousands of subscribers that we wouldn't otherwise have access to is something that is invaluable. We love Brighton BID and without it we certainly wouldn't have had the success we have. Sophie Webster Owner-manager Simon Webster Hair salon
The Brighton BID website has been an incredibly useful tool in allowing interested potential customers to be aware of any special events or promotions that we are organising. It has a clear map of the area and comprehensive listings which are really beneficial to visitors, especially when planning a visit to Brighton. The layout is simple and easy to navigate and the design is classic yet modern. I find it very easy to upload any new information and so long as this is done before midday on Thursday the listing is updated online by Friday and emailed out to all subscribers the same day. My tweets are often re-tweeted to the 2000+ followers, a number that is growing daily. Claudia Fisher Owner, Purple Heart
Each store within our company is expected to organise a marketing event each month. The Brilliant Brighton website and their team have been hugely beneficial to us at a local level. By having our own page, we are able to reach out to new customers and visitors every week by updating any offers or events we have taking place. On top of this, any uploads are also tweeted to thousands of followers which is a further way Brilliant Brighton helps our business locally. This website helps us to capture new customers and we would be lost without it! Jodie , Manager Coast Brighton
L.K.Bennett are delighted with the support offered to us by Brighton BID. The design and layout of Brilliant Brighton is closer to that of a shopping centre website and it is a great tool for us to use when looking for ways to drive traffic into our store. The team are fantastic about keeping retailers updated on news and opportunities and all our requests to update our page are completed in a timely manner meaning we can react quickly with out latest offers and promotions. Nick Flynn Marketing Manager L.K. Bennett
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