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I've been a fan since they openened. Always welcoming, sensible pricing and a good range of practioners
About Balance is the best! I really enjoyed my massages there.
About Balance is the best wellbeing and yoga studio I have ever visited. It saved me during a very hard time in my life, when I was going through a breakup and had no motivation to leave my house. Little by little I started exploring the yoga classes there and this helped me greatly with regaining self-confidence and purpose. The yoga classes are very versatile (from Kundalini yoga with breathwork, gong baths and chanting to intense vinyasa flow classes that really challenge your mind and body) and the instructors are very talented, kind and helpful. Each yoga instructor brings something unique to the table. What I love most about this place is the atmosphere of harmony and warmth that the people who work there have created. It offers a range of different possibilities for self-improvement, exploration and nurturing - from therapy, to different kinds of massages, courses in mindfulness, accupuncture, and even floatation. Every time I leave About Balance I feel energised, relaxed and ready to take on the world with a smile. That's why I think it's the best business of Brighton, not only successful and versatile but also helping people to reconnect with their inner self and bring more harmony into the world.
The Best place !!!!! In all England!!!!! !!!!! ! !
A wonderful, welcoming, wholesome place. A truly relaxing delight.
About Balance is amazing! There are so many great classes & treatments on offer and the staff are extremely talented, inspiring and professional.
About Balance provides and inspiring space with amazing energy. Fantastic skilled practitioners facilitating a variety of classes and workshops. Great space to work too - very supportive team.
About Balance beautifully blends holistic health with affordability, and has a lovely community vibe about it!
wonderful and needed concept of affordable healthcare in an age of longer lifespan, more dis-ease and decreasing NHS funding .
About Balance is an amazing business that makes well being accessible to all.
Great people ♡♡♡ great business♡♡♡ love the journey Effie went through to get where she is and she is a big inspiration to me ♡♡♡
Every time I get the chance to go to about balance, I always, always leave feeling so loved and nourished straight to the home! Effie is one of the kindest and most welcoming women I have ever had the chance to meet and her personality shines through her business without a doubt!
Cheap classes, floatation and therapies :) love coming here!
About Balance get a 10 out of 10 from me. I've seen both Effie and Tomek, and I have to say they have been brilliant. Genuinely caring and always welcoming.
Its a wonderfull place. A must visit if you are at brighton
The karma card makes it all affordable. Great Staff and the new site is ace!
About Balance is an oasis of healing, spiritual guidance, and alternative therapies that Brighton is renowned for. Visiting Brighton? Don't miss it
About Balance is a wonderful inner-city haven with friendly, welcoming staff, teachers and practitioners. The space is so positive and uplifting and I always feel at home when I walk in the door.
I love this place, it's a great space for yoga classes and affordable too.
About Balance is one of my favourite studios anywhere! Such a warm, down to earth, friendly vibe. Great variety of classes and therapies - so much skill, talent and expertise under one roof. And since they’ve expanded and now offer floating as well, it’s even better. I love the fact that they keep prices affordable and inclusive.
great business, great concept and great manager! highly recomended
Absolute necessity for every town to have a service like this. There is a therapist/service/class for anybody wanting to explore a more holistic aporoach. I take all my family to the incrediable Craniologist Kate who especially helped my little boy through an illness. A warm, stylish and welcoming centre.
Lots of great things happening at a good value price. Sense of community and good leadership.
I am happy to give About Balance a five star recommendation.
Fantastic place, offers a wide range of therapies of top classes.
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