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Why You Should Visit Brighton Marina
28th March 2018
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Parking is one of the huge plusses the Marina has over the rest of Brighton and Hove but people often sell it short as it is not just an easy place to park a car, it also have all kinds of attractions which make it worth the visit.


There's so much choice, you won't know where to start and every one of the restaurants on Brighton Marina has views of the water and lots of pretty boats.  Cuisines from all over the world are represented and the restaurants are so spacious that booking is rarely necessary.


Strolling around watching yachts and fishing boats moving in and out of the Marina is pleasant enough but there are also lots of activities to amuse you.  Watch a film in the large multiplex cinema or score a few strikes in the bowling alley.  If you're feeling energetic, there's an exercise studio and, for dedicated fitness enthusiasts, there's the David Lloyd members only gym where you can watch the waves crashing against the Marina wall while you're on the running machine.  There's an indoor mini-golf course if the weather lets you down or outdoor fun activities for kids.  For the adults, there's a casino and the new Malmaison hotel has a very swanky cocktail bar.


Sadly, the most famous shop on Brighton Marina is its huge Asda supermarket but it does also have a range of interesting little shops and cafes past the back of Asda which offer delectable delights, fashionable haircuts, quirky gifts and nik naks, luggage of all shapes and sizes and electric bikes amongst other things.

Where Did it all Begin? 

Brighton Marina was originally built as an artificial marina between 1971 and 1979. A seawall was constructed for protection due to the fact that the land areas are lower than the sea level.

During the 1980's it hit a snag when it appeared that the construction was far more expensive than expected. As a result, investors were reluctant and the development stalled. 

Brent Walker took over the Marina in 1985 and started to enhance the area by building a superstore and a village square where lots of restaurants and shops live.

Around this, on the east and south side of the Marina, they built residential units. Brighton Marina is only about 15 minutes away from Brighton by bus or even quicker by car which makes it appealing to live and work here. 

Brighton Marina has since grow to be the largest Marina complex in the UK.  Nevertheless, plans are currently underway to increase and develop the commercial and residential potential even further.

Events and Festivals

In addition to a regular market, Brighton Marina hosts special events and small festivals throughout the year.  Last Christmas, children could visit Father Christmas and he'd even brought his reindeer!

Keep your eye on our page for special events and fun things happening in Brighton Marina.

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