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Yogi Ji's in Brent specialise in eggless sponge cake mixes. If you're looking to bake cakes for your family, friends or to sell to your customers, call us now on 0844 545 7838.

Yogi Ji's



Eggless Cake Mix Suppliers

Right here in Brent



Do you have an allergy to eggs and find it difficult to bake cakes?



Are you looking for the perfect recipe for an egg free cake?



Maybe you'd like an egg free omelette but don't know where to start?



Then you should call YogiJi's on

084 4545 7838 or click here to complete our online enquiry form - we are suppliers of readymade eggless cake mixes.



Yogi Ji's Products



Baking an egg free cake requires the right ingredients and the right temperature.



Many people have tried to bake egg free cakes only to find their cake doesn't rise or is lacking in taste.



Well not any more … at Yogi Ji's in Brent, we provide an eggless sponge cake mixture that is simple to make ...... you just add water!



Choose from:


Eggless Vanilla Cake Mix - 500g

Eggless Vanilla Cake Mix - 5kg

Eggless Vanilla Cake Mix - 10kg


Eggless Vegetarian Omelette Mix - 150g

Eggless Omelette Mix

Eggless Scone Mix - 500g



Whether you're looking to bake a cake for yourself, your friends or you're your shop customers, you should Yogi Ji's now on

084 4545 7838 or click here to complete our online enquiry form



Now it's so simple to bake a cake …… Just add water



Don't forget to mention The Best of Brent when you contact Yogi Ji's for eggless sponge cake mixes.


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I have used Yogi's eggless cake mix & scone mix & can highly recommend them. Many of my clients require egg free vegetarian cakes for various reasons & this has to be the most consistent mix. I now use...
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