Wembley Town Centre Partnership
  • 349 - 357 High Road

    HA9 6BZ
Creating a safe, accessible and welcoming town, The Wembley Town Centre Partnership in Brent encourages business regeneration and development.

Wembley Town Centre Partnership
Business Regeneration and Development
in Brent

A partnership between multi agencies, the Wembley Town Centre Partnership was established to help encourage business regeneration and development in Wembley town centre

The main aim of the Wembley Town Centre Partnership is to create a town centre that is accessible, welcoming, attractive and safe.


A multi agency approach is required in order to turn the fortunes of Wembley town centre around. 

All members of the Wembley Town Centre Partnership actively encourage stakeholders across Brent to contribute to business regeneration and development in Wembley and any money raised through various activities and events are ploughed back into regenerating the town.

To date, the Wembley Town Centre Partnership has successfully introduced:

    • cctv cameras and radio link (see below);
    • improved festive lighting;
    • year round hanging baskets;
    • high profile events;
    • design guide;
    • visitors guide.

Additionally, the Wembley Town Centre Partnership has been instrumental in providing public funding for major improvements to the station and public realm.

Business Regeneration and Development

Brent Council has a vision - to turn Wembley into a 21st century destination - to ensure that the town becomes a place with high quality architecture, education, sport, retail, leisure and community amenities.

Wembley's Radio Link Scheme

All Wembley town centre businesses are invited to join the Wembley Radio Link Scheme.

The scheme will allow you to quickly notify Brent Council's CCTV control room, Local Safer Neighbourhoods Team and each other, should a crime occur in or around your business. 

Further Information

If you would like more information on The Wembley Town Centre Partnership,
please contact 0208 9375 5064.

Alternatively, visit our website at: www.wembleytown.com where you will find lots of information including:

    • About Wembley Town;
    • How to get to Wembley;
    • News Articles;
    • Business Regeneration and Development;
    • Publications;
    • Enhance Wembley.

Don't forget to mention www.the bestof.co.uk/brent when you contact Wembley Town Centre Partnership and say you saw us listed under the category of business regeneration and development.

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