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Mrs Aarons is an excellent piano teacher. She's very methodical, down to details and highly experienced music teacher. When my daughter first went to her, she was a shy little 5 year old girl. In a few days lesson, she gained the confidence to perform in school and different festivals. The way she has grown in confidence in performing on stage is all because of her. Recently my daughter passed the music exam for grammar school entry to 11+ with 100% marks and we are totally indebted to Mrs Aarons for all her hard work and effort in order to train her. I would strongly recommend her as a music teacher.
I went to Mrs Aarons to improve my singing as I was getting short of breath and my Tenor voice had become limited. Mrs Aarons gave me exercises to improve my range and control my breathing - very effective and the results are good. Thanks
It is always a pleasure to come to Mrs Aarons lessons. She is always cheerful and very patient. Her teaching is very methodical, clear & down to every detail. She explains everything very clearly & gives practical advice, to help make sure you understand everything.
"I found Mignonette when frantically searching for a singing teacher for my two daughters. They thoroughly enjoy her lessons. Everything is very friendly, and she has the right attitude in assessing each pupil's requirements. Within seven weeks of my daughter's starting lessons I can notice a vast improvement. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn.
My daugher has been learning with her from last 6 months when she was 4 and half. Her patience is great and methodology is great. My daughter has picked up quite well. Anyone who wants to learn piano, I would definitely recommend mrs aarons. vivek j hegde
As an adult who has always wanted to play the piano but never had the courage to take the plunge i finally decided to go for it and found Mignonette on the Best of Brent web site. I approached the lessons with apprehension and fear but Mignonette made me feel at ease from the off. Fast forward 7 months and i am still taking lessons every week, enjoying the experience more then ever and i have much more confidence to play small pieces of music in front of others - something i thought would take many years. Basically this is all down to Mignonette - she enables me to play without fear that i'm going to look stupid, and encourages me to learn and develop at my own pace. On top of this she makes learning fun, adding her charm and humour to the pieces we are working on. I would not hesitate in recommending Mignonette to anyone, whatever level or age you are. Adrian Vieyra -
Mrs Aarons is simply the best piano teacher. My son did not know a single musical note before he started his lessons and now he is performing in festivals and at school. He has grown in confidence and this is all atributable to Mrs Aarons. She is highly experienced and skilled at drawing out the indiviual potential. I highly recemmend her.
I am writing to place on record the excellence of Migonette Aarons in her position of Piano teacher to my son. I recently had to change teacher for my son who had attained Grade 3 but was struggling to make further progress. I found Migonette via the Best of Brent website and believe this was extremely fortuitous for me and my son. Migonette is extremely patient and dedicated and has started to correct many of my son's faults. He is now making progress again and enjoying his lessons. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ms Aarons to anyone seeking a Piano teacher.
My daughter and I have been learning the piano with Mignonette since last September and have found it a very rewarding experience. I have attempted to learn other musical instruments in the past but gave up out of frustration at my lack of progress. In the time we have been with Mignonette however, we have learnt so much and are not just playing scales and learning music theory but are playing well known tunes and even jazz pieces. Mignonette is the best music teacher I have ever had and thanks to her teaching lessons and practice is not a chore but is something I eagerly look forward to. Anthony W
I have been attending singing lessons with Mrs Aarons for approximately six months and I love it! I have been taught by other teachers in the past but I didn't feel comfortable with any of them. My parents found Mrs Aarons on the internet where some people had said that she was the best music teacher in Brent. Mrs Aarons has been a kind and supportive teacher and I feel completely comfortable with her. I look forward to my lessons every Monday and I enjoy every one of them as I feel that I get so much out of them. She is very patient with students and her teaching methods are excellent! Thank you, Tahnia Bharwani.
I would highly recommend Mrs Aarons as she pay particular attention to musical details and can find ways to teach and correct this when my boys are going wrong. She has also managed to motivate my boys and have kept them interested in piano playing for the past 3 years where they have achieved distinction in grade 1 and 2 practical exam and distinction in grade 1 theory. She also enters them into festivals this has boosted their confidence and gives them practice in performing.
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