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My wife, a property owner, acting on the advice of our IFA – decided to transfer half of her ownership of one of her properties over to me – and this process required the expertise of an experienced solicitor. I naturally recommended, Melvin Cohen, of Gregory Abrams Davidson, but my wife who was comfortable with our previous solicitor, was at first reluctant. After Speaking with Melvin, she appointed him and his company. My wife was extremely impressed not only with Melvin’s knowledge in property law but also the tax, personal and other implications. He softly raised the Questions which were then liaised back to our IFA and the whole complicated process was completed in the matter of days. Having previously gone through a similar process with our usual solicitor before and had had experienced such a lot of hassle – we were not looking forward to this one at all. In the past the whole process was so complicated and not to mention that we had ended up being the “piggy in the middle” between the IFA and the solicitor plus not to mention that we ended up paying for this. Therefore, I would like to sincerely thank Melvin for making it simple enough for us to understand, protecting our interests and understanding the IFA’s point of view . To be frank, to us, Melvin has been worth much more than he charged us. No hesitation in recommending Melvin and his company plus I will go forward to say that anyone who is serious of protecting their assets - not to risk just any solicitor bit to go to Melvin.
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