London Internet Services
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London Internet Services provides Internet and Email Marketing, E-Commerce and Consultancy Services to companies in and around Brent and wider London area.

London Internet Services
Providing Internet and Email Marketing Services
for companies in Brent

London Internet Services is owned by an Award winning specialist with years of experience in Company Internet Marketing and E-commerce to companies in and around Brent.

Do you need help selling and advertising your product or service online? if so, London Internet Services can help with:

      • Website Design;
      • Website Construction;
      • Search Engine Optimisation;
      • Pay Per Click;
      • Mail Order Solutions and advice;
      • Internet Marketing  & Consultancy;
      • Email campaigns;
      • Domain Names;
      • Reporting

      • Affiliate Marketing;

      • Direct Marketing;

      • Web Site Analytics.

      • Internet Training


Web Design


One of the best ways of advertising your Brent business in order to reach the right customers is through a website.  At London Internet Services, we can build you a simple or transactional website tailored to meet your requirements at cost effective prices.
Some of the website designs that we've done:


Search Engine Optimisation

Whether you would like us to build your Brent business website or you already have one in place, London Internet Services will help you get the best internet presence through Search Engine Optimisation.  

Search Engine Optimisation is a process of improving the amount of traffic visiting your website from top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, AOL etc.


Internet Marketing and Consultancy


At London Internet Services, we can provide you with a better company internet marketing strategy and structure through our internet marketing and consultancy service.

Using a fresh pair of eyes, we will talk you through the various company internet marketing opportunities available to find the best solution for your Brent business.

Maybe you want to improve the online presence of your current website and need to know the most cost effective form of internet marketing available?  If so, contact London Internet Services now. 

London Internet Services are an internet marketing agency that will provide you with the best website marketing strategies available as well as the best Internet Marketing strategies that your Brent business requires.



Our Internet Marketing Consultancy and Communications Service can also help you to:
      • Define your target market;
      • Capture their attention;
      • Turn them into prospects;
      • Turn them into customers;
      • Access new markets;
      • Retain existing customers.



Direct Marketing


Driven by data, Direct marketing attemps to send messages directly to the consumer about your Brent company, product or service.

This form of advertising can prove very effective and at London Internet Services, we offer help and advice on a wide range of direct marketing activities and media including:

        • Press
        • Direct mail;
        • Door drops;
        • Face to face;
        • Internet.
        • Multimedia

Our recent clients include:


Social Interaction