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9th June 2008
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Hello and Welcome to thebestof Braintree's first ever blog posting!

Let me introduce myself - my name is Gareth Talbot, and I am the proud owner of thebestof Braintree - the best local information service for Braintree. I am on a crusade. A mission to find the best businesses in our area - the ones that people recommend to others without any hesitation. The few select and unique businesses that deserve to stand out from the rest.

This blog is a new part of our website, and just one of the many exciting new developments to come from thebestof Braintree this year. It is dedicated to providing an online forum for lively discussion and debate on local activities and issues as well as providing useful local information about Braintree and our local area.

Are you passionate, knowledgeable or caring about something in Braintree? I'm going to be posting my own blog articles here on a regular basis about the things I care about in our local area - news items that catch my attention, events I've been to, latest developments with thebestof Braintree, etc. However, I'm looking for more local people to contribute to these lively discussions - to share items they think will be of interest to others. If you can write about your chosen subject in an engaging, informative and even amusing way, then the new thebestof Braintree blog can provide you with a regular platform to communicate with local residents.

An unlimited number of topics can be covered within our blog - here's some examples that will hopefully inspire you:

  • Local sports teams
  • Local live music
  • Things happening in your local area
  • A local perspective on fashion
  • Reviews Films in the local cinemas
  • Local history
  • Your favourite local places to visit
  • Local schools
  • Local transport

I'm hoping that you've spotted the one word present in each of those items - 'Local'. There are organisations that deliver national content much better than I ever could. thebestof Braintree is all about being local. And so is this blog.

If you would like to become a regular contributor to thebestof Braintree blog then please contact The Best Of Braintree Owner, Gareth Talbot, and let me know what subjects you would like to blog about. Why not recommend your favourite local businesses here at the same time? :o)

Gareth Talbot
07738 073043

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