New business started by local ladies offers a real treat for children in Braintree
17th June 2008
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A big thebestofbraintree welcome to Kara Heather and Sue Simkins, new members of thebestof braintree with their business 'Bakewell Artz'. Kara's own business has been a member of thebestof braintree for six months now 'Kara's Kakes' (see feature here), and is famous for her delicious, handmade cakes.

Now, the two best friends have joined together and combined their individual creativity, personality and skills to provide a much sought after service for busy parents and guardians. At Bakewell Artz, they can organise and arrange the activities for your child's birthday - they even tidy up afterwards!

The most exciting activity that Bakewell Artz organise for the parties is the cake decoration. Each child is provided with their own sponge cake and shown how to transform it with icing and decorations into a beautiful, edible work of art.

What could be better than seeing your children and their friends' eyes light up with joy and excitement as they create their very own craft, while taking part in an activity that they can take home with them?!

For more information, see the Bakewell Artz feature here on thebestof braintree or call Kara on 07780 868798!

Gareth Talbot
07738 073043

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