Lambert Chapman's BBF seminars a great success amongst businesses in Braintree
24th September 2008
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I'm just re-reading my notes and the resources provided to me at a BBF (Business Builder Forum) seminar hosted by Lambert Chapman LLP Chartered Accountants this morning. This was the first time that my diary has allowed me to attend one of these seminars and on reflection, I have realised just how unfortunate this is.

Today's seminar was entitled 'Getting Paid' - and that's exactly what was about - providing the attendees with the tools and foresight to enable them to get paid quicker and easier, and more importantly reduce the amount of cash owed to them by their debtors in the long term.

I am fortunate that each business member of thebestof braintree pays within normal terms, but I have also taken away a good number of lessons and examples that I can implement now to further protect my business for the future.

Lambert Chapman LLP organise a BBF seminar each quarter in Braintree, and I would fully recommend them to any business owner in the Braintree area based on my experiences today. Each seminar has a different topic, but I hear from friends and colleagues that have been attending them for a long time that each one proves to be very helpful to the way they run their businesses. One of the BBF seminars held earlier this year used Toyota as an example and showed how every business could easily and ethically add 40% to their bottom line. Who could say no to that sort of advice and support?!

The Braintree based accountancy firm are so confident that each of these seminars will benefit every business in the area that a tiny fee is charged for each event to cover the cost of breakfast and the room hire - nothing more. You don't even have to be one of their clients to make it along!

For more information about how you can benefit from attending a Lambert Chapman BBF, call Lisa Potter on 01376 326266 or email You can also visit the events page of their website.

Why not check out the Lambert Chapman LLP feature on thebestof braintree?

Gareth Talbot
07738 073043

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