An excellent way to save yourself money on all your household bills
23rd September 2008
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No matter who you talk to at the minute, a certain topic of conversation will be the credit crunch that the country is currently experiencing. It first really hit the UK in August 2007, since which time each of us will have felt the 'pinch' as prices continue to rise everywhere. The commercial giants continue to make a huge profit month after month, while the smaller businesses struggle to compete more than previously.

Good news though! As our gas, electric and other domestic utility bills continue to rise there is one company striving to beat the rest and continue to serve their customers with good utilities at a better price than you'll find elsewhere. This company is the Utility Warehouse - you might not have heard of them because they don't advertise as a national company but pass on huge savings to each of their customers by allowing them to join a one-of-a-kind discount club.

Utility Warehouse can supply telephone, broadband, gas, electric, mobile telephone and freephone telephone numbers to any customer, both for private residential and business use. The prices are by far the best when compared to any of the other suppliers available and the customer service is second to none!

Sales are made by local representatives, present in every town around the UK. One of the Utility Warehouse representatives in Braintree is John Rawnsley, a very approachable and friendly family man who has good experience of running his own businesses. These characteristics, combined with his number of years in the telecoms industry make him the ideal man to help you switch your utility suppliers - whether for domestic or business use.

Whether you're finding times tough at the minute or not, there's never a good reason to not try and cut the ever-increasing bills that come in every month. Having joined the Utility Warehouse Discount Club through John myself, I can really testify to the quality of the products and services that they supply. Since switching suppliers I have definitely seen a reduction in my monthly bills! No wonder their Gas and Electricity is backed up by a Triple Value Guarantee and has been the best value in the UK every year for the last 10 years!

If you want to find out more about how Utility Warehouse "can save you money right down the line - on all your utilities all the time", read John's feature on thebestofbraintree here, or telephone him on 0800 298 8907!

Gareth Talbot
07738 073043

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