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I have three children at this Nursery. None of my children have ever said to me "I don't want to go to nursery". They all run there in the morning. This place is fanatastic. Most of the staff have children themselves and everyone is always very flexible and helpful. I can only recomend this place and it is definately the best nursery in Brackley! Mrs Raya Horner
The support they give to families is amazing. They really go out of their way to help.
Staff are really friendly, my daughter loves being there. It's a homely and warm environment.
How great they are with the children, happy, polite easy going people but most of all they treat all of us with respect.
All the staff are fantastic, they will help in any way they can. I was in hospital for 2 months, and they were brilliant with my little boy explaining it all. They feel like they are family.
They are really flexible to our family needs-willing to help and accommodate us. Everyone is well unformed staff and parents. Staff all have the authority to make decision so your needs/queries are dealt with immediately.
Flexible, warm namely environment, friendly and happy place to be. I know my child is safe, well cared for and overall happy.
A brilliant nursery!! My oldest son had been to a couple of nurseries due to moving area and I can honestly say this is the best one. I am also a childminder and have visited a few of the nurseries in this area and again I can confirm this is the best. Whyʽ The people. The staff are all incredible, nothing is too much trouble. They are always willing to talk to you about your child and they take real interest in the children themselves. Lakefield are always doing interesting activities & projects, which the kids love, so much so that my youngest son (who is now there) gets upset if it isnʼt his day to go to nursery & if he isnʼt staying for lunch. We did have problems early on with my oldest son, who cried whenever I left but Angela & gang know how to overcome this and always made sure I left my son knowing he was in good hands. They would also ring me later to let me know how he was getting on. They have good reward systems to help children, e.g. with toilet training etc. Lakefield is also extremely flexible, which has helped me immensely and I canʼt thank them enough. If youʼre looking for a nursery for your child, I definately think youʼve found it!!
had to post another review as i think i may of clicked highly recommended when really lakefield is more than truly exceptional!!!!!!!!
my daughter loves going to nursery and adores all the staff. They always have exciting things going on and only recently my daughter found it exciting attending nursery in pjʼs to take part in the pjama party.As a mother it is always difficult getting the balance right between work and whats best for your child, and as i work full time had constant battles with guilt about leaving her however due to the wonderful staff and the obvious joy she gets from attending nursery my only worry now is does she love Cara more than me!!!!!!!!!
Our three year old son was eased into attending nursery school with kindness and understanding by Lakefield staff who he now adores. He has enormous energy and especially loves playing outside in the fantastic, secure garden. As parents we have been bowled over by the genuine care and interest shown in our child, especially how staff worked with us to help him through the big change when our twin girls arrived and rocked his world. We could not have found a place where our son is better looked after and cannot recommend Lakefield highly enough.
happy children, friendly staff- educational, caring and safe activities for nursery aged kids plus wrap around activities for primary children. a truly exceptional service.
Both my daughters have been to Lakefield Nursery in their early years, and both of them loved the experience! They actually looked forward to going there in the mornings which made dropping off really easy, and so keen to get on with their activities that sometimes, they forgot to say goodbye! Good, friendly staff, and an obvious devotion to what they do.
My children aged 5 and 3 have enjoyed going to Summer School at Lakefield. They know theyʼre going to have fun and particularly like playing outside in the garden. Time there breaks up their holidays and enables me to concentrate with peace of mind on what I need to do.
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