Brackley & District Running Club
  • we meet at Brackley Leisure Centre
    Springfield Way, Brackley
    NN13 6JJ
Enjoy the many benefits of belonging to a friendly club

The main objective of Brackley & District Running Club 
(also known as 'The Sole Destroyers')
is to provide a local, friendly runners community with support to benefit budding new runners, runners with some past or current experience or even those who have a credible running and race record.

The only entry qualification required is the will and motivation to participate in Club Activity and support each other toward achieving both Club and Individual goals, however small or great they may be. Please don't think you have to be an elite runner…you simply do not!

There are many benefits to belonging to a recognised club including

*  access to a wealth of training tips and advice from established runners
*  motivational support
*  affiliation benefits including insurance
*  set and regular running/training days plus safety in numbers when venturing out in unfamiliar territory, at night and, in particular, some, although not all, female runners who sometimes feel intimidated when running on their own.

In addition to your own individual personal goals, as a Club, we will also support a number of local races throughout the year as a way of promoting ourselves, recruiting new members and simply
showing solidarity toward other Clubs and the sport in general.

We are also participants in the ‘Jog Northants’ initiative and will soon be able to offer Instructor led jogging sessions in addition to our own Club times.

Not least, of course, we also hold a few social events throughout the membership year to just chill out and get to know each other on a more casual basis….a great way to expand your social circle! (Summer BBQ, Christmas Party etc) in addition to some other organised events which seek to promote good working partnerships with other organisations such as equipment and attire suppliers together with fitness and well being advisers.

Please visit our web site and we hope you will find it easy to use, informative and enjoyable to browse through.

Whatever your interest in Brackley & District Running Club, be it to consider joining us as a total novice, recent newcomer, experienced runner or competitive race entrant we would like to hear from you.
If you would like to support our Club in other ways, please visit the links under ‘Please Support Us’. This can be done as either a one off goodwill donation, longer term Corporate Sponsorship and, of course, coverage of our events by the local or national press and news media.

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