My work experience at the Best of Bolton
8th July 2013
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Hi People. My name is Thomas and I am 15 and I am on my week of work experience with the Best of Bolton. I am currently in year 10 and i am studying Drama, ICT and Spanish in school as well as the three we have to study. L My favourite subject that I have chosen is drama even though I am not the most confident on stage yet I will always give it a go. I am in my last weeks on being a yr 10 student. I am looking forward to the prospect of year 11.

I am looking forward to working alongside the people who know what they are doing and I will hopefully learn some new things about marketing on the internet. I already have a deep understanding of marketing through my parents but I will learn more through the help off Best of Bolton with Gaynor, David, Rachel and Ellie.

 So far I have learned that they help smaller businesses to be recognised in the local community. I have sat in on a business meeting and have learned that one person can help so many different people. I have also been putting reviews of people’s businesses up on the internet. The social media side of things in this job is great. You get to go onto things like Twitter and Facebook to promote all sorts of businesses.

I am looking forward to the opportunities this may help me get in the future. I don’t know what I want to do so this may help me to decide. This will also teach me alot of new skills for me to take on the journey of life. I am looking forward to finishing my work experience so then I know more about what I want to do in the future.

That just about everything I know about myself know and what you know about me so goodbye for know. If you get the chance it is worth coming down to the Best of Bolton for your work experience. J

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Im Thomas and i have done my work experience at The Best of Bolton

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