Kare Plus
  • 349 - 351
    Bury Road
    BL2 6BB
Kare Plus has been at the forefront of providing only the best caring services to residents and families throughout Bolton for over 30 years of experience.

When it comes to the time that a friend, family member or relative needs to be put into care. It’s only right that you want the highest quality of care for them. After all, it’s only natural to want this. After providing the best care that you can for them for years it’s only right that you want to be passing the baton on to the best team you can who will continue to keep up that exceptional level of care that you have provided for them for so many years.

Kare Plus are one of the leading care providers both to residents living at home and those living in caring homes across Bolton. Their aim and proven track record are in delivering an unrivalled level of attention and care to these residents. Care services provided by Kare Plus include providing nurses for care homes, private hospitals as well as providing care to those living in their own homes.

They also provide support living care services with a person-centric approach to their care tailoring each care plan to that person in particular. Helping people realise their full confidence and to encourage them to live life as fully as they can and to ensure they are making the most out of life regardless of what obstacles they may see in their way.