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What can say about Jane, other than you could not find a nicer person to help you with your health problem. She is a lovely lady, full of enthusiasm, very sincere and good at what she does.
I have a couple of health problems and having this treatment is shifting things on a very subtle level. From being very bad tempered and tense, I am feeling my whole being slowing down and things do not appear to affect me in the same way as they did a few weeks ago. I just seem to switch off and walk away from confrontation. My thinking is becoming more positive as well.
Jane is a lovely person and the treatment itself is so relaxing.
I have decided to do my Reiki 1 as soon as I can.
A fantastic way to restore your inner peace and re-focus your mind. An amazing experience that has so many well-being possibilities.
I would definitely recommend Jane and her "healing hands".....A lot of people are extremely wary of Reiki as they donʼt really understand how it works, so I would strongly suggest that you go and visit Jane and find out for yourself.

I initially went to see her as I was suffering from severe eczema and emotional problems - after the first few sessions, I noticed a considerable difference and Iʼm now pleased to say that Iʼm completely healed inside and out!
The series of treatments I received from Jane simply washed away the dregs of childhood problems arising from the divorce of my parents and the hostility of my step-mother.
Janesʼs reiki provided a whole new perspective and understanding that now enables me to live my life in peace
On the recommendation of a friend I consulted Regis Reiki. I was greeted with a very friendly and efficient welcome. The first session revealed difficulties that had lain dormant and of which I had only a vague awareness. The following two sessions laid these problems open and resolved them. I have now achieved an inner peace thanks to Jane
WOW!! What more can I say.
After recently losing my daughter due to a teminal illness I was recommended by a friend to go and see Jane and have some Reiki healing. I was a little bit sceptical at first but my first session was fantastic. I think I cried the whole way through releasing lots of my grief.
I have seen Jane many times now and really look forward to my sessions. I think I even sometimes fall asleep where it is so peaceful being in the candle lit room with the wonderful relaxing music playing in the background. I come away feeling totally relaxed and ready to face the world once again.

Many Thanks Jane youʼve been a great comfort to me in my time of grief. x
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