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Great work. Well tested when completed. Polite, courteous, and thorough. It was good to use such a professional and at the same time friendly plumber. Will use him in the future, and recommend to anyone.
I have always used Greg Brooks for all my plumbing needs at home. I recently purchased a flat and there was a mysterious leakage of water into another flat, from my flat. I felt anxious and disconcerted. Greg came along, kept me steady, solved the problem in less than 30 mins and sorted it at minimal cost. This was a memorable time for me, which could have been potentially very difficult, but Greg came, helped me stay in peace and then sorted it with his expertise. I so appreciate this company. It is one you can depend on. Thanks Greg.
Very friendly, came round to fix my burst water heater within half an hour. Really went all out to make sure it was fixed asap. Highly recommeded. Thanks!
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