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I work at this shop and since being there, ive met so many nice kids who know and LOVE this shop. they have everything from traditional to the newest sweets out..and if ou want something, Elaine and Kit Walker will b sure to get it for u:) come in you will love it.. its the best by far!
it's just what fleetwood needs a tradishanal sweet shop.were all my kids go and get there lolly pop. many thanks from
I think this business is one of the best because they are frendly.
This shop is amazing you walk in and everyone has a smile on their faces, what a loving place this is :) theres mummy, daddy, becky, lindy + adam.. the lollies at this shop are the nicest ones you could get, so many sweets so many to choose from. they get new sweets nearly everyday they have very sour sweets to the nicest taste on your tonguee :) im just yapping on so im gonna stop and talk to you tomorroww loveyou mummyy xx
helloo people i am 1 of the staff at this sweetie shop hehehe come along and by ya lollies dandilian and burdock are the best honsest :)
SEXYSEXY CANDY SHACKKK ♥ Best lollies ever babbbbyyy =] xxx When you go into zeh candy shack Its like a whole new family ;DDDD Gigglllezzz//NewFreinds//LOLLIES XD. Omg, LOVEYOUUU CANDY SHACK PEOPLLEEE =] xxx Love Kirsty ♥♥♥ xxxx [ Btw they do more than just lollies, its just the lollies like like super duper amazin ;). ] xxxx LY MUMMY, DADDY, LINDY, BECKII && ADAMM ♥
my sister and husband own this delightful sweet shop where you can purchase lots of wonderful goodies ,.i can highly recommend the wide range is lollypops which all children and adult alike will love... especially with 23 flavour which include tuti fruity ,rhubbarb and custard, aniseed dandelion and burdock...stawberry split ,pear drop and lots lots more ...its a sweet heaven ....well done on having a modern shop selling such a wide range off sweets ...
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