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A few weeks ago I was at an early business meeting, I had been suffering for the last 4 days with an abscess on a back tooth. I had seriously lost the will to live! John Brazier was at the meeting from the OBBC and he said 'I can do something about that' I was open to anything by this point. I hadn't eaten for 3 days, I couldn't bear anything near my mouth. I went in to the clinic that afternoon, unable to concentrate or hold a conversation, I was weary after 3 nights of net nil sleep due to the throbbing in my head! If you've had an abscess you know where I'm coming from. I was asked to lie down and try to relax, the lying down was good but the relax part was difficult. John said he was going to do some acupuncture to help with drainage and work on releasing my neck as that was where he belived the problem with the pain to be. The infection was unable to drain. 1 hour later I'm sucking down food like a baby. Still very sore but the pain had stopped. How good was that!!
I took my son to see Terry at the OBBC after he had suffered an ankle injury at football. I was very impressed with the muscle strength testing, which enabled Terry to identify the promblem area which originated in the hip. There was also persistant swelling around the ankle even after 4 weeks and through massage Terry had reduced the swelling significantly even by the end of the session. I was very impressed and my son is now back playing and says his ankle feels great.
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