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Elle Amara Health and Beauty Nails and Manicure Blackpool

Elle Amara - Nails & Manicure

The Elle Amara Health & Beauty salon in Blackpool offer nails and manicure services and recommend Bio Sculpture healthier nail treatments - a pleasure to use and wear!  Bio Sculpture Gel at Elle Amara makes nails beautiful, flexible and strong and looks as thin and natural as your own nails, only better!

  • Available in over 90 beautiful fashion colours
  • Thin, strong, flexible, natural looking
  • Will not chip or smudge
  • Excellent for toenails
  • Dries instantly - will not wear away or smudge
  • Gel extensions – add length naturally
  • A nail treatment to strengthen and condition natural nails
  • Removal is quick and easy – no damage to natural nails

Bio Sculpture Gel at Elle Amara strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails and can be applied over natural nails, artificial tips or gel extensions to create a neat, well groomed appearance.


Healthier Nail Treatments at Elle Amara 


Bio Sculpture Gel at the Elle Amara health & beauty salon in Blackpool is simply applied onto the prepared nail and cured under a UVA Lamp in two minutes - no time is wasted waiting for it to dry. Bio Sculpture Gel is removable without damage to natural nails by soaking off in less than 15 minutes!  So why not visit Elle Amara and discover the difference of a healthier nail treatment that’s a pleasure to use and wear?


Bio Sculpture at the Elle Amara health & beauty salon in Blackpool, offers a permanent nail colour that lasts for weeks without wearing or chipping. The advantage of Bio Sculpture Colour Gel at Elle Amara is that you can easily change your nail colour by simply applying Bio Sculpture Varnish.

Later the polish can be removed with Bio Sculpture’s specially formulated non-acetone cleanser and the permanent nail colour will be restored to its original state. When wiped with non-acetone cleanser the permanent colour will not be removed in the same fashion as nail varnish.


  The team of highly trained beauty therapists at Elle Amara, Susan, Sarah and Julie, look forward to welcoming you to their health & beauty salon!   

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Elle Amara - Nails and Manicure

43 Norbreck Road, Norbreck, Blackpool.

Tel.  01253 596666

Appointments by request subject to availability - Disabled access via front door - Relax in the calmness of the Elle Amara Japanese garden!

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