The Value of staying in touch
29th October 2010
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The Value of staying in touch.  Do you regularly communicate with clients or customers.  If so, how?  If not, why not?  Too busy chasing paperwork around, doing the day to day stuff.

Each business would benefit from staying in from of their customers, after all they are very fickle and loyalty to your product or service is difficult to generate.

If you are not talking to them, then rest assured somebody else will be.

One of the best ways to generate new business and keep your name in front of your customers (the easiest people to sell to) is a newsletter.  This is widely acknowledged by experts in the marketing business as the most effective way of making new sales.  It also builds loyalty and puts you and your products and services at the fore front of your customer's minds.

Good is good enough!  So rather send out a four page newsletter in black and white than send no newsletter at all.  They don't all have to be full colour, glossy mags!  Make them interesting, informative and full of personality and your new readers will love it.

There's no need to worry about content....there's are plenty of places to get it, from the inbox of your emails to friends and business colleagues who have put pen to paper!

Just take a quick look around, there's no shortage of information.  All you need to do is organise it so that it's of value.

It will supplement a web page, an advertising campaign, a blog, whatever.  If you need help pulling something together just give me a call on 07738 833 122 or click here to find out more about me. 

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