Snow - a menace or nature at its best?
18th December 2010
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Snow - can you believe how much snow fell on Saturday!!??  The sunrise in the morning over the white, stunningly beautiful countryside.  The children and families having great fun - it does bring out the best (and worst) in people.

BUT it must have caused untold misery to businesses and shops on what was billed as the busiest shopping weekend before Christmas.  Bicester Village had stores closed and staff sent home early (having a son that works there) and I'm sure the story was the same in town itself.  The roads were treacherous to drive later in the day as the authorities just could not keep up with the clearing process.

How has it affected your business? 

What about the many internet deliveries we are expecting that have still not arrived?

How do we, as a country, change to accommodate what is becoming increasingly like weather we will have to get used to in the future?

Snow IS beautiful but it can be an utter menace too.


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