Parking Charges going UP and Meters going DOWN!
29th March 2011
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Parking charges in Bicester are going up to 70p in April and parking meters are going down! 

I read that they have dropped the level of the parking meters to enable disabled blue badge holders to reach the machines, as they will also now be charged. 

We will also have to pay to park in the evenings - with no concessions, it seems, for popping into town to collect a takeaway.  Will this not stop people using Bicester?

It is difficult - the council need to make more money to balance the books BUT with the demolition of the Bicester car park area, it seems the wrong time to up the parking charges as people struggle to park and find their way into town. 

The shoppers and the shops will suffer - shouldn't local council and government be helping at this time of upheaval and not putting extra obstacles in the way?

What do you think?


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