Increase the value of your business by 10
14th July 2010
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Most businesses search for simplicity in their marketing, i.e. one ad that runs every week, one web site etc.  It can pay very handsomely to go against the general flow and look for complexity!

For example: instead of having the one database of customers, look to divide this data up into as many categories as possible.  Then create an individual marketing message for each one.

If you sold beauty cream to women there may be many different groups of women: single women, recently married women, recently divorced, married two/three times, young, middle aged or older etc.  I think you get the picture!

Do you think each one of these groups will think about beauty cream in a different way and what the product may be able to do for them?  YOU BET!!

An individually targeted message to each one of these groups will hit the spot and cut through all the rest of the cluttered messages we all have to deal with each day.

So your data base could be hiding rich veins (terrible pun!) of untapped business. Adding complexity, sub dividing and creating more than one ad, email, leaflet could multiply your business by 10.

Worth doing?  Worth getting new or old customers to see you differently and keep coming back for more?

I think so!  If you are open to more marketing tips then visit my web site at

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