HS2 House of Commons Transport Review
31st March 2011
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Proposed High Speed railway line (HS2) looks set to undergo a full, dispassionate review by the House of Commons transport select committee.  Our local Bicester council, Tony Baldry; the Tax Payers Alliance; various MP's and The Economist are just a few parties who question the logic of HS2.

This is great news - our services are dwindling around us, we are getting less for our money, and yet tax payers money is footing a large part of this multi-million pound bill.

Listening to a local radio article, there is a possible benefit to Bicester folk as, by relieving some of the traffic on our existing lines, this would make way for future  services such as Bicester to Milton Keynes? 

I am all for supporting progress, but it will affect our area detrimentally as it will carve up some of our beautiful countryside and villages (not to mention noise pollution) without giving us any advantages.  It is designed as a London to Birmingham line without stopping for us!

We need services that bring people to our area and use are great shops and businesses - not bypass them completely.


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