Car Insurance - Who needs the Big Boys??!!
10th December 2009
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I had my car insurance renewal quote through last week and although I knew that with the addition of an 18 year old learner driver on the policy, I would be paying substantially more than without her, I thought that the fully comprehensive quote of £2,130 was a little OUTRAGEOUS!!!!


I took the quote to my local, accesible, friendly, visible and 'human' Insurance broker in Bicester Town Centre, Bryan at Coversure Insurance,  and lo and behold did I come away with a quote of over £1,000 Less!! Brilliant.  I went back to my on-line provider from last year to cancel the renewall, they decided they could drop the quote they had offered me in the first place!!! This made me even madder because I would have expected their best price up front


Guess where I am going when my wife's insurance is up for renewall??  

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