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Nick is a fantastic personal trainer. He has been our personal trainer for the last 18 months and we have seen huge improvemnets in our fitness since then. We are not the most motivated of clients and Nick works hard to keep us encouraged and moving! He is not your stereotypical military-style personal trainer; he is humourous, encouraging and motivating. Thoroughly recommended for those who have not done significant excercise before and need breaking in gently but firmly!
Nick's advice and training plans have been very helpful to me in developing my fitness and giving me objectives to focus on. He makes sure he understands what you need so that the advice he gives is the right advice for your goals and he is also very encouraging so you feel you have achieved.
Excellent friendly classes for all round fitness. Nick always makes sure you get the most from the exercises by tailoring them to your needs and checking you are doing them correctly. Children are welcomed at the daytime sessions so you can take babies
Nick is awe inspiring not only in his professional life but in his personal pursuits. I changed my personal trainer at the beg of this year to work with Nick and it has been a truly enjoyable journey, to work with him on a bi-weekly basis and have improved my fitness levels, month on month. He is exemplary and I admire his drive and dedication.Leanda Pearman
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