Help make Beverley a Disabled Friendly town.
1st April 2011
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Local shopkeepers and businesses are being urged to be included in a new Disabled Friendly Map for Beverley.

At the beverley Chamber of Trade meeting this week, attending businesses voted unanimously to support and promote the idea of a Disabled Friendly Map, the brainchild of Roger Cobbett, a successful businessman whose career was cut short by a stroke. Confined to a mobility scooter, the 67-year-old was fed up of not being able to get into shops.

He said: "If you go down to Toll Gavel there are 30 per cent of shops you can't get into and that goes for the Tourist Information Centre.

The idea is for shops and businesses to become disabled friendly, which differs from disabled access. It is understood that several shops and businesses cannot, due to building restrictions, alter access to their premises. However, what they can offer is disabled friendliness, this can be as simple as staff coming out of the shop to assist disabled shoppers, or helping disabled shoppers into the shop and offering them a seat, while the staff brings goods to them to view and select.

East Riding Councillor Ros Jump, portfolio holder for health, diversity and voluntary groups, said: "About 15 per cent of the population of the East Riding have some kind of disability and most of them have a larger disposable income than most people realise.

By creating this map, the disabled people of the area would know which shops and businesses are helping them the most.

It would cost £5 to be included on the map and £5 for a sticker, which could be placed in the shop door, or window. Businesses could also place an advert on the back of the map at a cost of £10.

Mr Cobbett, from North Cave, said: "If we can get 100 companies to take part at £10-a-time we can produce 5,000 maps. Tesco and Browns Department Store are two of the larger retailers supporting this scheme along with several smaller local businesses.

"When we start going round companies in Toll Gavel and the rest of Saturday Market that will be the telling thing. "If we can't get 100 companies it won't happen."

All currently involved parties would like to encourage other businesses to take part, so when approached please be willing to contribute your £10 and help to make Beverley a Disabled Friendly Town.

Please feel free to join this blog, and if you wish to contribute, please contact Tom on 01482 409600, or email to

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