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    Nutts Corner Crumlin
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Mulsanne Casinos has been operating since 1989, providing corporate entertaining events. Mulsanne Casinos, based in Belfast, will travel anywhere and have done events all over Ireland.

Mulsanne Casinos provide corporate entertaining events including Las Vegas casino fun without losing a penny. 

Could your company benefit from having your customers and sales force, participating together, in unusual, enjoyable and entertaining events? 

Would you consider, as an alternative or addition to cabaret and dancing, a form of corporate entertainment that is unusual, enjoyable and flexible yet not readily available to the general public in Ireland?


Mulsanne Casinos organise events that provide an effective communications opportunity for clients and staff or customers, using a casino theme. 

95% of the population have witnessed the excitement of a casino only in James Bond movies, but Mulsanne Casinos can bring all the thrills of a real casino to your guests, in the venue of your choice.


It may be 'The Board Room Casino', 'The Conference Room Casino' or 'The Hotel Function Room Casino', but, as far as your guests are concerned, they may as well be in Las Vegas or Los Angeles. The difference is they will not lose a penny

Staff at Mulsanne Casinos are highly trained, not only to be excellent croupiers, but to ensure that your quests have fun and are treated with full hospitality. They will teach your guests how to play the tables and even give advice on game strategy! 

Mulsanne Casinos will provide 'Funny Money' vouchers to be given to your guests, to obtain gambling chips at the tables.


Vouchers can even be printed with your company logo for branding awareness!!!


Events Mulsanne Casinos can provide for corporate entertaining include:

  • The Las Vegas fun casion event (where guests enjoy the Casino feel and card game fun, only without the losing money part!)
  • Robot Rapport (where you can get Hairy or Darwin to get your message across to the public in an interactive way that is new and entirely memorable)
  • Don De Gouvea (where your guests can enjoy the brilliant art of hypnotism with Don De Gouvea, which is such entertainment and allows people to volunteer and take part)
  • A Corporate Night at the Races (where guests use branded 'funny money' to bet on the races!)
  • Murder Mystery (where 20 to 70 people enjoy some murder mystery fun and a good meal, with the game taking place between each course)


All Mulsanne Casinos events comply with the relevant laws governed by the Lotteries and Amusements act 1976.

If it is not legal, Mulsanne Casinos won't organise it!!


Mulsanne Casinos are based at Nutt's Corner, Belfast, and will travel anywhere.


For hospitality along with fun corporate events contact Mulsanne Casinos, Belfast.

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