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I have been going to the Cosmetic Skin Clinic for a number of years now and wouldn't consider going anywhere else. I have tried a number of different treatments and have been delighted with the results of them all. Tracy Mountford and her team always go to great lengths to explain each procedure thoroughly and give sound advise and what treatments best suit each individual. As a woman working in television and the media, there is always a pressure to look well and for some of us, younger than our years, but staying as natural as possible. All the reasons why I chose the Cosmetic Skin Clinic.

Reply from The Cosmetic Skin Clinic:
Hi Suzanne, We are delighted to hear that you have had such a positive experience with our clinic over the years. Creating a tailored treatment plan enables us to target each patients individual concerns, so we are pleased to hear that this approach has provided you with the results that you were hoping for. Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to seeing you again soon!
I did everything to excess in earlier years. Too much sun,caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, not enough sleep, water, fruit & veg and bucketfuls of work related stress!

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is tucked neatly into a residential corner of Buckinghamshire - a pleasant surprise! Easy to find and plenty of parking spaces away from prying eyes.

On arrival I felt instantly at ease. There were several other patients in the reception area and I felt as though I was part of an exclusive ladies club, all chatting and happy knowing that very soon the years would be turned back with minimal fuss and pain. The atmosphere was contagious, dare I say fun!

After my consultation I was advised the best treatment plan for me. A topical anaesthetic cream was applied around the areas to be treated, I sat back and relaxed with a coffee for 20 minutes to allow the cream to work, giving me the opportunity to read up on information about my up and coming treatment, and enjoy further chatting with other patients and staff in the reception area.

The treatment recommended was a dermal filler called Restylane for my nasolabial lines, and Vistabel for my frown lines. Restylane prices start from £350 and Vistabel from £200. I was amazed how pain free the procedure was. It was all over before I knew it and on inspection of my face in the mirror I was absolutely delighted! The effect was totally instant; there was very little redness and certainly no pain. Upon leaving I was given a small tube of post treatment cream to apply twice daily to the treated areas where I had had the Restylane, I was then given highly detailed aftercare information.

When I left the clinic I felt as though I was walking on-air, I didn’t think I could ever feel this good about myself. I jumped in my car and couldn’t stop looking in the mirror! I know now what they mean when they say that you can get treatments of this sort carried out in your lunch hour. I was truly amazed.Who’s afraid of being 40 now!
In an industry where looks are everything, and where they mean even more as we age, I have been hesitant and indeed, reluctant to do anything which might create an obvious change to the unforgiving camera before which I work. After my own research into non-surgical procedures for skin revitalisation, Restylane and Restylane Vital have been the obvious choices for me and the results are many fold. Surprisingly, these treatments are long lasting. Not only are they non-invasive but instead of topping up every couple of months they are proving to be progressive; getting better with more time between treatments. Not only is this a positive point physically it is certainly a plus financially! - Actress, Buckinghamshire
I can honestly say that I look better now than I did seven years ago. The best thing of all is that I still look natural .... I just look the best natural me that I can! Not one person has ever asked me if I’ve had any treatment and that is all down to Dr Tracy Mountford’s skill and the rest of the team at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic.
My sister-in-law looks great and I knew she regularly visited the Cosmetic Skin Clinic, so I asked her advice. I didn’t want surgery and I had no idea about what could be achieved without surgery.

I had lost most of the volume in my face, particularly in the cheeks which were very sunken and Dr Mountford suggested Juvéderm Voluma which is aimed at restoring volume. As well as a family trait heavy frown line, my brow looked very hooded over my eyes. She explained that this was more difficult to treat without surgery but that she had achieved good results for other patients by using a combination of Botox and fillers to lift the brow.

Dr Mountford advised go away and think about what I would like to do so I didn’t feel rushed.

I was nervous but the staff at the Cosmetic Skin Clinic were brilliant at putting my fears to rest. A local anaesthetic cream was applied and so the experience was virtually painless.

The results were achieved very gradually. I went first in the October and over a period of a few months had a number of treatments so it was a very subtle, gradual effect. I loved that because I really didn’t want everyone at the school gates pointing out that I suddenly had full cheeks and no wrinkles!

What actually happened was that everyone just kept commentating on how well I was looking.

The treatments also improved my skin condition. Whereas before I had quite deep pores, the volume that was added into my cheeks have meant that they have disappeared. My skin looks much plumper and smoother.

The frown line has also gone but I still have lots of movement so it looks incredibly natural. I was quite scared of Botox because you hear horror stories of people looking frozen and startled but it was nothing like that. Dr Mountford did everything beautifully.
Since turning 40 in 2007 I saw a dramatic change in the structure of my face – I had always been thin and had never had plump cheeks and never looked “healthy” but my skin and facial structure seemed to change so dramatically over a very short period of time. I was told many years ago that I have “thin skin” and very little collagen so when nature began to take its natural course I suppose I was unlucky that my skin lost the few resources it had.

I ate healthily, drank water and kept an active lifestyle and whilst my body was in great shape, my face was that of a much older woman.

Every day, I felt so sad and found it harder and harder to look in the mirror.

My job is client facing and I felt self conscious all of the time. I didn’t want to look young – I just wanted to look my age. It was a lucky day when I found The Cosmetic Skin Clinic website. Impressed by the testimonials from famous and not so famous, I gave the clinic a call.

At a consultation appointment with their Snr Aesthetic Practitioner Janine Scott, Janine held up the mirror and asked me what I saw. I replied “an old woman” – she saw someone with “good skin tone and pretty eyes”. I almost broke down. Janine went through what she would recommend. She didn’t start where I thought she would and not everything would be done at once – the whole process could take 12 – 18 months but the first step would be baby Botox to the forehead and eyes.

My next appointment was for a Y lift (cheek enhancement) – the results were amazing immediately. It was uncomfortable and I did bruise a little but I could not believe that I immediately looked 20 years younger than I had when I walked in!

Thank you to the women who have given testimonials to The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. Because of them I made a phone call which has changed my life. I look in the mirror, I smile more than I ever did and I am not self conscious any more. I have my life back and I don’t feel inclined to hide away any longer!
I have known Tracy Mountford for quite a few years, and she is the first person I ever went to for a little cosmetic help. In this day and age where normal ageing seems to be shied away from and everyone is doing everything to delay the signs of ageing..... It is wonderful to have the advice and care offered by The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. The care and personal attention is wonderful, and Tracy and her team are honest and truthful...... They do not sell you products just to boost their pockets, but genuinely suggest minimally invasive procedures which make you look and feel better according to your desires and ability.
There are so many cosmetic procedures now available and it is quite baffling to decide which is best for you!

Tracy really knows her products and is wholly committed to giving you the best results without making rash promises. I have had two minor procedures at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic and am thrilled with both, subtle and natural....which is how I prefer to treat my face...
Tracy and her team always spend time listening exactly to what you want and then suggesting what is and what is not possible.

The atmosphere in the clinic is elegant and restful based on truth and care. That is what I want in a clinic to whom I entrust my face and my skin. Trust and belief that they know exactly what they are talking about. I would highly recommend The Cosmetic Skin Clinic to the discerning woman who just wants to aid nature gently and believably.....
Because of wanting to look the very best I can for the 2012 British Olympics I decided to take action now to curtail the tell tale signs of ageing. I was recommended Dr Tracy Mountford as the best in the business.
I am a great advocator of daily exercise and good hydration but these alone are simply not enough and I have always taken care of how I look and find that it is this total approach to looking good that other celebrities will not admit too.
Dr Tracy Mountford recommended Thermage and Sculptra combined with some Botox and dermal fillers. Her ethos is more about enhancement of your natural features giving a more subtle refreshed look which is exactly what I wanted to achieve as the camera can be your harshest judge, so I can’t recommend the Cosmetic Skin Clinic team highly enough from being greeted initially to commencement of treatment and to how I look now.
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