Soundwell Music Therapy Trust
Soundwell Music Therapy Trust
  • PO Box 3313, Bristol
    BS5 5GJ
Soundwell provides music therapy in the South West for adults whose lives are seriously affected by mental health issues. We support people in their mental health recovery and provide emotional support to carers, using music to explore creativity, communication and expression. This can result in extraordinary changes, rebuilding hope and transforming lives. Our music therapy takes the form of group and individual sessions.

Music therapy is the use of musical instruments and the sounds they make to promote change and recovery. It is a highly effective alternative to counselling and psychotherapy, especially when people are finding verbal communication difficult or inadequate, or having problems relating to others.


Music can communicate where words fail, it has a unique ability to reach us all, affecting us both emotionally and physically. Last year Soundwell supported 220 participants, ages 18-70, through 317 group workshops. 


“Soundwell is the most important help I have received for my mental health”


“Music therapy should be available on prescription”



For more information, including referrals, please contact 365 3400. A referral or self-referral form can be downloaded from our website.


If you would like to fundraise for Soundwell please contact, 07772 9568714