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Me and my partner have Just finished our mortgage application with Andrew and brought our first home through the consent to let scheme, have to say he has been amazing, so helpful and always there to answer questions and as it was our first house we had a lot. For anyone looking to buy a home for the future due to being in tied accomadation I would definitely recommend Andrew, seems to be to good to be true but it's worked for us and we now have a home to let until we need it, cant fault anything and he still helped after completing the purchase and through our rocky stage solicitors, appreciate all your help.
I would highly recommend Top Dog. They helped my boyfriend and I buy our first home. They made the whole process quick and easy. They couldn't have been more helpful, they explained everything and kept us completely informed throughout the process. Always so polite and friendly. First class service! Thank you Top Dog.
Although not based in Bath myself, I discovered Rosemount finance whilst looking for information online for a mortgage that met my unique requirements (I live in tied accommodation). Andrew Pratt's customer service is second to none. He was extremely approachable, friendly and polite. In the past I had tried talking to banks,mortgage providers and other brokers about what was available to somebody in my situation. I was unable to obtain any useful information about how to proceed and told options were very limited. Andrew's knowledge on the subject was like a breath of fresh air and after a brief consultation opened up a whole range of new options, making them clear and easy to understand. As my situation is quite niche, Andrew's knowledge even surpassed that of the mortgage provider themselves. Andrew then found the very best mortgage offer suited to my circumstances and handled the whole application, ensuring it went through smoothly and efficiently. He was always only a phone call or email away to offer advice every step of the way ,from finding a property right up to competition. I really can't recommend Andrew and Rosemount finance highly enough for specialised mortgage advice given any situation. And I will certainly talking to none else when its time to renew!
As we are self employed not everyone is willing to give you a mortgage, and also I had an unfair CCJ sent to me by a utility company after moving address and not receiving it in the first place. Even after getting it marked satisfied, it still appeared on my financial records and affected my credit score. This made it very difficult for us to be accepted by a mortgage company. However, Andrew from Rosemount Mortgage Planning was incredibly tenacious, he carried on and he found the right mortgage for us. He knew we had to get it done in a very short space of time because we had already been given notice by our landlord. Andrew kept going with it until he got a positive response, he just didn’t give up. It was brilliant.
Between myself and my wife our circumstances have always been quite unique. My wife is self-employed and I myself have a couple of different incomes. We had a long term goal about getting the mortgage we wanted. We had approached a bank in the past but were getting nowhere near getting the mortgage we wanted. Andrew Pratt from Rosemount Mortgage Planning gave us great advice about how to present our figures and he guided us throughout the process. He was successful in getting us the mortgage we wanted. I’m sure we will be chatting to him again in a few years’ time when we want to re-mortgage. I will not hesitate to highly recommend Rosemount Mortgage Planning.
Rosemount Mortgage Planning were very good, they gave me lots of information, explained everything really well. They gave me the best mortgage offer as well, looking at a range of options. It was over an extended period of time as well as I had 2 people who were buying the house drop out. Andrew was really good, easy to talk to over the phone, and if you had any queries he explained things well. Andrew was very good at liaising between the various parties as well, sorting out problems and getting through to people to keep the process on-track. I’d recommend them definitely.
We had quite a complicated situation which Rosemount Mortgage Planning dealt with in a very practical and realistic manner. Unfailingly polite and helpful and we got the outcome that we wanted and there was really no drama. I knew that because of our situation we needed to have someone look at a variety of options for us. Rosemount Mortgage Planning were basically the third company I spoke to about the mortgage: the first was a bit of a cowboy, the second was not good because it was almost too difficult for him to deal with, whereas the minute I spoke to Andrew from Rosemount Mortgage Planning he was very calm and he just said, ‘yes we can sort this out, there’ll be a solution to this, this is the way we need to look at it’. We got a very positive outcome. He responded incredibly quickly, followed up on everything, he dealt with it extremely professionally and in a very timely manner. I would certainly recommend anybody to use their service.
Happy with the service from Rosemount Mortgage Planning. They were very helpful and responded to emails very quickly where possible. I think we made our decision knowing what was available to us. We had a look online at the mortgage options for us but it was more straightforward to use Andrew. He organised a comparison of all the mortgages that were possible for us. As we were fairly new to the country some mainstream mortgages were not available to us as we’d have had to live 3 years in the UK to access them, so it was great to use Rosemount Mortgage Planning to make this process easy.
My partner and I were recommended Rosemount Mortgage Planning after our current Mortgage Advisor proved useless (I assume they had bigger fish to fry). Not only did Andrew happily take on our relatively modest purchase but he did so with professionalism and considerable attentiveness. He went out of his way to help us, was forthcoming, and replied with remarkable haste (I'm even more impressed than before after reading these other reviews as I imagine he must be a busy and popular guy, and rightly so). Not only is Andrew a superb professional, he is also a very friendly and approachable guy. From the first phone call to the last e-mail, I have absolutely nothing negative to say. 10/10.
Who says getting a mortgage is slow and difficult? Just get all your information together and let Andrew deal with it and you will be sorted in no time at all
I decided to use Rosemount Mortgage Planning because I’ve been reading up on it and found that going direct to banks was taking 6-8 weeks for approval whereas going through an IFA was generally quicker. It was also because Rosemount Mortgage Planning was recommended to me because a friend of mine had dealt with them and said how good they were. I felt that Andrew really knew his stuff, he was very professional, he was very easy to get on with. I had to explain my situation which was that I was going through a divorce at the time, he was just very understanding, he looked into my financial history and knew which mortgages were right for me. Then he went beyond the brief – if I was filling in all the paperwork for the estate agents for instance, or a little bit for the solicitors for the finance that I didn’t understand because of the legal jargon, he talked me through how to fill that in. He wasn’t being paid to do that but he was just so helpful. Every time I emailed him about the house sale/house purchase, he was the first to get back to me from everybody in the process, really quick, really professional.
I can’t fault the service from Rosemount Mortgage Planning. I was after a remortgage on the house I was living in so I could buy another house as an investment. Rosemount Mortgage Planning was recommended to me by my accountant. Andrew gave me all the options, kept me updated and got me the mortgage. I’d recommend him to others and I’ll go back to him on future projects. 1st class service.
Absolutely more than happy to recommend Rosemount Mortgage Planning. Rosemount Mortgage Planning helped us with both a residential mortgage and a buy to let. We bought two houses through them and we were really pleased with the service. They’re approachable, easy to understand, don’t use jargon, pay attention to details. Andrew thinks of things that are helpful. He presented us with quite a lot of options and said these are your choices, as opposed to telling us what we should do – he gave us the information to let us choose what we want and what was best for us. The buy to let was probably more tricky than the residential because there are more options to choose from and he helped us narrow the choices down to the one best for us. We’re hoping to buy another buy to let and we’ll use Rosemount Mortgage Planning again.
We used Rosemount Mortgage Planning because we were desperate to remortgage and get off the high standard variable rate we were on after our fixed term had ended. Our low income (and being self-employed) meant that we didn’t hold out much hope of remortgaging. We had applied to a particular mortgage provider when we’d originally taken out our first mortgage and they’d rejected us at the last minute with no explanation so when Andrew suggested that we apply to the same provider we were pretty sceptical. However it turned out that we’d applied successfully and we are certain that it was just down to Andrew’s attention to detail and his knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Invaluable. We won’t hesitate to use Rosemount Mortgage Planning again.
Rosemount Mortgage Planning has been amazing throughout the whole mortgage application process. Due to the recent changes in the mortgage regulations our application fell under the new guidelines. But I’m a contractor within the Financial Industry and raising funds is more difficult when you are contracting. We had to work towards a tight deadline (buoyant London property market) but Andrew was really helpful, really patient and stayed in close contact with me whilst following up with the bank and the agent. We wouldn’t have been able to move in without him. I would definitely recommend Rosemount Mortgage Planning to my friends (who are contracting as well). I only have good words for Rosemount Mortgage Planning.
The service we received from Andrew at Rosemount was outstanding. He helped us to buy the house with loved just when we thought we were going to have to walk away because of red tape from our existing mortgage provider. Andrew found us an extremely competitive alternative, from a mainstream supplier, and guided us through the entire process - removing all the hassle. He is extremely friendly, calm and reassuring. I can not recommend Rosemount Mortgage Planning highly enough.
This is the second time that we've used Rosemount Mortgage Planning. Andrew took the time to understand what we were looking for in our remortgage and why. Good, friendly manner and professional know how gave us the confidence that we were in safe hands throughout the process. I would gladly recommend Andrew to everyone.
After a frustrating week of calls to numerous banks and mortgage brokers, I emailed Rosemount Mortgage Planning. I received a prompt, intelligent response from someone who clearly understood our situation (we live in tied accommodation). Andrew was able to deal quickly and efficiently with our application which had to be completed to a tight deadline. We were kept well informed with regular updates throughout. Andrew was also in constant contact with the bank and estate agent making the whole process a lot less stressful. I would certainly recommend the services from Rosemount Mortgage Planning.
Rosemount Mortgage Planning delivered an excellent service from start to finish. Andrew at Rosemount Mortgage Planning was efficient, quick to respond to questions, and went above and beyond in helping me deal with issues with solicitors. He also helped me navigate the complexities of securing a second mortgage, and has been similarly helpful to a friend I have referred to him. Andrew provides excellent advice and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and use his services again.
The help from Rosemount Mortgage Planning was invaluable. I asked them if they’d had experience of shared ownership schemes, which probably not all mortgage advisors will have done. We talked through the different options, what I was looking for, and what I could ultimately afford. We looked at all the different options and then we talked it through together as to which one would be the best for me, which was brilliant. We met for the first meeting which was something I really wanted to do. I didn’t want to be dealing with someone just by email or phone. After that I was quite happy to deal with everything by email and phone. Rosemount Mortgage Planning was always really quick to respond to everything as well. I’d recommend them to other people, and actually already have! As a first time buyer I’d done a bit of looking on the internet for mortgages but I was very new to it all and Andrew from Rosemount Mortgage Planning was very good at making sure I understood everything before I agreed to it. I didn’t feel silly asking any questions, which put my mind at ease really.
Part of the reason I contacted Andrew at Rosemount was because of the glowing reviews I'd read on Best of Bath. I'm very pleased to say we weren't disappointed. He is very knowledgeable with regards to the market and what's on offer. Without his advice it would have been a minefield for us. He was able to come up with a choice of options and advise me especially as I'm self employed. His communication is excellent and he even refunded our initial consultation fee. Would recommend him 100%.
Rosemount Mortgage Planning was a great help in sorting out our remortgage. We had a slightly complicated situation, with maternity leave among other things, but they very quickly got us an offer with a much better rate than we were on, saving us a substantial amount on our monthly repayments. Very approachable and kept us constantly in the loop.
Rosemount Mortgages helped me secure a first time buyer mortgage. I did some research about who I would use to help me with my mortgage. I then spoke to someone who had used a mortgage broker before and I came across the Rosemount Mortgage Planning website. I read his customer reviews which was the ‘confirm level’. After an initial engagement I was happy with what they had to offer me and I decided to pursue. Their help was very well received as I was going through the mortgage process for the first time. They answered all my questions promptly and I would happily recommend their services to anyone going through a similar scenario. I expect that I will use them again in the future for any re-mortgages.
Great support and clear communication throughout the process. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble and would definitely recommend their services when needing to renew your mortgage. Thanks Andrew!
We were incredibly happy with the services from Rosemount Mortgage Planning. My husband is an academic so the nature of his work is that he only ever has contract employment. And this means that finding a mortgage via the conventional way is quite tricky. I’m in training at the moment and in a years time I will have a very stable and good income but for the next year I’m effectively classified as a student. So we really struggled to find a mortgage. And what we did find wasn’t quite right for us and/or extremely expensive. Rosemount Mortgage Planning was able to find us other options which were more fair, more realistic and fitted us much better.
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