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The best cinema in Bath, no, the UK... No, the world! Cozy, intimate with wonderful and knowledgeable staff. The best selection of films and what's not to love about this place?
I love everything about The Little - the people are lovely, the cinema is a gem, the films they show are interesting and they go out of their way to cater for everyone. Just love the way they treat their audiences, with special provision for Mums and Babies (It's a Scream), Autism friendly screenings, Silver Screen, Student Memberships, ScreenArts etc etc. They're creative and fun and don't just go after the big money with the usual blockbusters from the big plastic chains. And to cap it all their Members get a great deal! What's not to love about The Little?
It has great ambience, great people and great films as well as being friendly and welcoming. What more could you want from an afternoon or evening out?
Everything about the Little is exactly what you want a cinema to be: Small and personal with friendly staff, they have their own special film seasons, they have deals with various restaurants around town, and they show an excellent range of mainstream and non-mainstream films. The food is not overpriced like the big chains (so much so that I don't feel the need to smuggle sweets in!), the cola is fairtrade and you can even grab yourself a glass of wine to watch your film with! Bath would be a lesser place without this little gem.
It's a really lovely little independent cinema. It has managed to survive despite the arrival of the ODEON cinema in Bath - this is a testament to its charm, great quality, and importance to the people of Bath. It's much more affordable than other cinemas, does great discounts for students and seniors, discounted nights such as 'Gooseberry Tuesdays', and it's constantly putting on interesting shows and events.
Strange films, proper popcorn, themed nights, themed seasons, my favourite seats, arty films, lovely staff, imagination, good films, membership benefits, fairtrade refreshments, foreign films, scatty staff, fundraising, warmth, best place for a date, funny films, events, unusual films, offers, affordable tickets, amazing films.
Shows and reshows art-house, classics and foreign films like Moonrise Kingdom, Akira and Four Lions. These are the films of true auteurs with creative vision and love for their craft. Stories which truly evoke love, sorrow, righteous anger and passion. That turn demons into clowns, that turn butts in seats into minds in the room. Films which may have gone unnoticed had it not been for the efforts of The Little Theatre.
I love The Little because they show an amazing range of films and there is always something different and interesting to see. They make me feel very welcome every time I go, and it has become my home from home.
What is there not to love about The Little? A snug cinema showing a superb choice of films with passionate staff stacked full of film knowledge. It's the heart of the community and just a wonderful place: my favourite is the luxury balcony in screen 1 because of the comfy sofas. Perfect place to watch a film. I cannot fathom into words how amazing this place is! The best cinema in the UK...perhaps the world!
This is a cosy old fashioned cinema with polite & professional staff. Always a warm welcome & a lovely place to watch a film.
This is 'cinema' as it should be - comfortable, intimate, and choice of films which are thought-provoking and not always on offer at mainstream cinema. The possibility of adding a glass of wine to enjoy with the film is a bonus!
The Little Theatre Cinema is a proper cinema. I like the idea that they know their films, and the place has got atmosphere.
Intelligent, considered film choices with the added benefit of a licensed bar.
Those sofas are the best seats I’ve ever had at the movies.
I visit The Little Theatre Cinema in Bath on a regular-ish basis and I just love it. I much prefer it to the big, huge, crowded cinemas who look the same everywhere. I like the film choices but I like even more the smile of the cashier when you buy your ticket, the narrow staircase which leads to the picture rooms. In short this is the only cinema in Bath which I go to.
Intelligent, considered film choices with the added benefit of a licensed bar.
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