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Everything is perfect. I cannot fault Regency Cleaners. They are so kind to me. I use them mostly for bedding.
This is the worst dry-cleaner I have ever been to. I took in a silk shirt for cleaning and showed them the label which said the buttons must be masked. The shirt came back with two buttons missing, and the remainder chipped. There were also stains on the shirt which had not been there when I brought the shirt to the cleaners. This shirt has previously been dry-cleaned very nicely at alternative dry-cleaners. When I complained my complaint was not taken seriously and I had to go in there four days in a row before they even telephoned the laundry to find out if my buttons could be found in the button trap. I don't understand why the person ironing the shirt had not already sought out the buttons and either sewed them back on or put them in a little bag to return to me. Terrible dry cleaner with ignorant and unhelpful staff. I will not be going back.
Excellent service, efficiency with a smile! Regency Cleaners is a business you can rely on.
Regency Cleaners -Chelsea Road, Bath: Always helpful and happy staff with a warm greeting and big smile. Thank you for everything!
Always courteous, professional staff. Regency Dry Cleaners (Chelsea Road) is a good local service.
Great service and friendly staff at Regency. Laundry always returned in excellent condition.
2 pleasant ladies (Regency Cleaners, Chelsea Road, Bath) always very helpful.
The staff at Regency Cleaners are always so lovely and very helpful. Well worth this vote.
Regency have been fantastic over the past 4 years that I have used them: great customer service - the staff are amazing - and the dry cleaning has always been good and timely.
Excellent service. Goes the extra mile to help with query/problem. Friendly caring staff.
The staff in the shop are and have always been absolutely first class, helpful to the extreme. We are most grateful.
The shop staff led by Chris are all caring and welcoming. It's a joy to go in and be greeted by them.
Highly recommended. I am a very regular user of the exclusive shirt service, dry cleaning and sundry linen purchases. At all times I am dealt with efficiently and courteously.
Well what can I say - Julie (Oldfield Park branch) is fab, so helpful, always get's my laundry ready each week as planned. Thank you.
At Regency Cleaners they have a very high standard and very friendly staff in the shop.
Regency does an excellent job and rarely loses anything.
Regency Cleaners: The staff at the shop are extremely helpful and friendly. However they do need another till.
Very helpful! ........................................................
A very efficient service. Always on the due date - collection and delivery service.
My rating for Regency Cleaners - 5 stars! Top quality cleaning. (Merchant Venturers Bristol)
Regency Cleaners: my rating 5 stars. Did the rounds and delighted to have in on a great service.
Regency Cleaners: Very empowering staff. Eager to help and assist despite obstacles. Thanks.
Regency Cleaners are very reliable. I use them for the Express Service.
I like using the Bristol Road branch because it's easy to pull in there with the car. My grandparents have used them for years and now I do too. Very happy.
Friendly staff who always have time for a chat, reasonable prices and a quick service. I wouldnʼt go anywhere else.
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