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Extremely happy to be honest, I changed accountant 4-5 years ago to OCL. I asked a bookkeeper friend of mine to recommend an accountant and she suggested them. I went for an initial chat to see if we’d get along and I do get on well with Mike, he’s easy to talk to. I think he’s got a good team as you don’t always need to speak to Mike, and I get on well with the others in the team as well, for example if I have a quick question about Payroll. They’re good at getting rid of all the jargon, getting to the nuts and bolts. I’m the type of guy who prefers not to dwell on the details but get the job done and move on. The biggest recommendation would be that my daughter has just started up in business and I told her to go to OCL, I don’t think you can get a better recommendation than that.
OCL are very good, very helpful. They were recommended to me by a friend of mine about 5 years ago as they were doing a very good job for him. They take care of all my Limited Company accounts and my personal tax. Very professional, very reasonably priced. I feel I can trust them and they have certainly saved me money. I had a quite a high turnover and they helped me save a lot of tax comparative to my old accountant – it was easy to see a significant saving in comparison, especially when I first joined them. I have had dealings with the whole team and they all seem very proficient. Mike will always endeavour to answer any questions we have over the phone, followed up by an in depth answer by email, it’s easy to talk to him which is so helpful. Highly recommended.
I have been extremely pleased with the service from OCL. They are very easy to contact, I usually speak to Marie or Hannah if I have any general questions and they’ve been there since I’ve been dealing with the practice so know my business. If I need to speak to Mike then he is usually available, if not he returns my call promptly or replies by e-mail. I’m not an accountant and not great with figures, but Mike is able to lay out explanations clearly in layman’s terms and I know he works hard to keep my tax bill down, which is what it’s all about. He is always happy to offer advice on personal tax side as well, not just business. Next year I’ll be looking to draw down on my pension so I’ll be having a chat about that with Mike and my pension provider - he’ll help to make sure I’m doing the right thing. Although his practice deals with quite large businesses, my own company is quite small with a turnover of around 350k a year and I only employ a couple of part-time staff, so I rely on him for the support I need on the financial side of things. I employ a bookkeeper a couple of days a month to keep the paperwork in order. My former accountant was happy with Excel spreadsheets, but with OCL we are using the latest Quickbooks software, which makes it easier for Mike and his team to produce the paperwork needed for HMRC and Companies House, and to produce financial reports for me. Meetings with Mike are a relaxed affair, you can have a joke about various things and he makes a decent cup of coffee. He is a down to earth, approachable chap who has given me some good advice and saved me some money since I’ve been with him. I’ve recommended the practice to quite a few people and I’m fairly sure some of them are now on his books. He deals with a wide range of businesses, large and small, so there is a good breadth of experience to draw on and it’s worked well for me.
Having moved from London to Bath five years ago, we were looking for a new accountant after using a large firm for a number of years and finding it impossible to get them to understand the differences between our business and their 'standard' client. Since working with Mike and the team at OCL we get a much more personalised and responsive service completely tailored for our needs.
We have operated our property development, Limited Company for 30 years with my husband and I as the sole directors. During this time our professional advisers have been crucial to the success of the business and our ability to fulfil the very varied functions required of small businesses. The team at OCL, headed by Mike Wilcox, have proved to be invaluable to us since joining them. Mike himself provides exactly what we and our business needs by being readily available to be an excellent sounding board and adviser with regards to making the best of our business and it stands and when crystallising new ideas to move the business forward. He has also come to us with initiatives that have helped us to position ourselves more effectively for the upturn in our industry. Mike’s support team are always friendly, knowledgeable and efficient and have helped us set up new accounting practices, which enable us to manage and access data very effectively saving us time and staffing costs. For us, in our 30 years experience OCL Accountancy is the best fit we have found.
I have been really happy with the services from OCL Accountancy, whom I have used for over 5 years. For an accountant I find it really important that they are competent (which Mike Wilcox certainly is) and also that they have the willingness to go the extra mile. What I get is really solid advice, often with Mike considering and suggesting things before I even ask. I see Mike as both my accountant as well as a consultant financial director for my company. Having OCL Accountancy as my accountants makes a critical difference to both my bottom line and my ability to deliver and to grow my business. I have found his guidance and support invaluable. This is evident in his first class communication, I’ve never had to wait longer than 3 hours for him to return a call. Mike is also backed by an amazing team who operate in exactly the same responsive manner. John Garland, Growing Vision Limited
Mike and his team have been great for Artizan hair salons in Bath. They have given us invaluable financial advice when we really needed it. Its good to know, particularly when business is so tough that OCL are behind us.
OCL Accountancy are not your average accountants. They are an accountancy firm that listen to you, give you feedback and recommendations and I find that extremely helpful. Communication has been excellent either by email or by phone. Mike Wilcox is a busy man, sometimes he is busy with other clients but getting hold of him is always possible within a couple of hours which never has been a problem for our company. For our audits we have kept our accountants in London. In the software industry there is a special government scheme Research and Development tax for which our other accountants thought we didn’t qualify for. But Mike found out that if we were doing things the right way we would qualify for that and saved us 64K in corporation tax, which shows Mike is very proactive. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to grow his business and would like/is in need of business advice on the way I’m a perfectionist, I recommend people really infrequently, but Mike Wilcox from OCL Accountancy is an exception.
We used to have another accountant for many years but when Mike Wilcox from OCL Accountancy came in he turned things round. He made us look at areas which we had not looked at before. He always replies to phone calls when we need some information by calling back quickly or coming over to see us in person. All his staff are equally friendly and approachable and actually speak English to you, not using accountancy jargon. He’s helping us to make our business as tax efficient as possible. We are really happy with his services.
I definitely would like to recommend Mike Wilcox from OCL accountancy. I live in Wells and tried local accountants and that didn’t work out. I’m moving to London now, to open a new pub there as well, and OCL Accountancy will still be my accountants. Mike has given me loads of support, he offers value for money. When there are some problems they are able to look into things quickly and efficiently. And they are nice guys who have a sense of humour. They give me accountancy advice but also business advice. In short I would say: they save you money, professional service, comes highly recommended.
I’ve got absolute 100% satisfaction with OCL Accountancy. Not only as an accountant but also as a management consultant on various aspects. As an accountant he is very efficient and as a business advisor Mike Wilcox is also very good. So it is not just bookkeeping and accountancy, he is good at negotiating with banks, negotiating with the tax man, looking at the business strategy. He is absolutely adding value to my business. We are a small manufacturing/retail soft furnishing business and I recommend OCL Accountancy to any business. Mike is always on the end of the phone, or willing to come over and see me. I would say he is very good value for money.
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