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marcom, a creative marketing agency based in Bath and London.

marcom is a creative marketing agency based in Bath. We offer a fully integrated  marketing campaign including websites, direct mail marketing and  press marketing  to a single one-off marketing brochure. From corporate branding to PR and exhibition stands, we have the fullest range of marketing, strategic, and creative skills to get you noticed. 



How we can help.


marcom,  Bath,  for Branding
In the past branding simply meant logo and type faces.  Now, branding, being the whole philosophy behind what your business is offering, is crucial. We are experts at seeing what customers want from a product or service and delivering to these desires. We’ve helped a number of major clients with their branding of new products and services from the start.

Once branding is established, we can help you follow your branding guidelines in order to create effective consistency across your marketing.

marcom, Bath, for Literature
From direct marketing to marketing brochures, from  catalogues to corporate stationery, every piece of literature we create is born from a  marketing concept:
Strong design succeeds because of the careful thought behind it.
We also can follow your existing branding guidelines, so that you can be certain of presenting a consistant marketing face to your customers.

marcom, Bath, for Direct Marketing
Direct Marketing is a major discipline for us. To go direct with marketing means becoming as creative as possible to get results.  Each piece of direct marketing should neither  compromise your branding guidelines nor compromise on  marketing effectiveness.


marcom, Bath, for Advertising
We have huge experience of advertising across a broad spectrum of clients.

Our clients choose us for our creative marketing skills. We can also call upon the shrewd analysis of our media buying associates. We’ll bring together all the skills needed to create an effective and memorable marketing campaign. 

marcom, Bath, for Exhibitions
If you’re marketing through exhibiting to clients or prospective customers, we’ll make sure that this marketing is consistent with your brand.
In the wider picture we can produce hard-hitting direct marketing to get people excited about coming to see you. And we have helped clients mount marketing seminars and marketing launches that get people talking.


marcom, Bath, for PR
We don’t ignore the marketing potential of PR. We have the resources in place to produce PR that boosts the profile of your business and enhances your marketing presence


marcom, Bath, for Online Marketing

We have the skills in-house to create highly sophisticated and effective e-marketing solutions. Not only that, our design team makes sure that marketing looks as good on the screen as on the page.


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