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Steve is such a patient instructor, with so many good advices, tips and awesome methodology ! He will definitely guide you to pass your test as he did with me !
Steve is very patient and experienced, he hammers home the important details in a gentle manner. He is very calm and takes you through the driving test routes available explaining what is needed for each route. Thank you Steve!
Steve was recommended to me by a friend and I am happy to recommend him further for learning driving in Basingstoke. I have had almost more than 40 hours of lessons including some mock tests. Never I felt to change my instructor as he is so patient and friendly while teaching. I liked his methods. I had this problem of losing concentration making mistakes. He understood this and explained this to me so many times which I think helped me a lot improving my concentration. I like his idea of making you a good driver rather than just passing the test. I liked his route driving just before the actual test. He talks about general mistakes that could happen during test - but he speaks so calmly and patiently that definitely helps calm you down before the test. I highly recommend Steve Moore for those who are looking to learn driving and learn it well.
If you're looking to get a good instructor across Basing stoke area, Steve would be definitely in one of the top list. He is very knowledgeable, patience is his key. One of the best part I liked during my lessons with him was the semi mock test we did, he will put that in such a way that it actually will not demotivate you instead that will prepare you on handling the driving test. He is best on his timing as well & more committed than me in making me passing my exams. Unfortunately on the day of tests there was a minor error with the wind screen washer he went early in the morning to garage to fix that only FOR ME so that he doesn't want to me to get a Minor / loose my test because of that, so that kind of instructor he is.!! it was a great learning from you Steve, thanks for that.!!
Had Steve for almost a year , an hour a week normally but occasionally more. I didn’t really get anywhere with him and I failed my test after 10 months. I then changed instructor and passed in weeks. The car Steve uses is an 07 plate , whereas most instructors have 19/69 plates. It’s not a good car to learn in and I wish I changed instructors earlier.

Reply from thebestof:
"Tom used me as his instructor for just over 7 months from the 24/10/18 to 5/7/19, in which time he had 31 hours of instruction. Initially we did have a lot of clutch problems but towards the end of his time with me and with private practice overcame these issues. He booked his driving test against my advice as at that point in my opinion he was not test ready. Also we did very little actual test preparation, just one Mock Test instead of four. I gave him all of the advice and handouts that I usually do but as he did not use me for the test there was obviously some information which I was not in a position to impart. I assumed after he failed that he had continued with the family member until I saw his review. He is right that I use older cars to be more cost effective but they are always in A1 mechanical condition as they have to be to be used in Driving Tests. Apart from the obvious disappointment of receiving a bad review this was particularly so, as I had felt that we had a good and friendly working relationship and had worked well together in improving his driving with the help of his family member. My last contact with him was also friendly with no animosity that I could detect." - Steve Moore
I am so grateful that Steve helped me complete this life goal. He is so knowledgeable, calm and patient. Detailing his progress is great for helping you move forward or fixing mistakes, a brilliant way to show you where you need to improve a lot; It was a very rewarding and satisfying journey and I would recommend Steve to anyone. I don't even speak English very well and besides teaching me how to drive was a great English teacher as well. I'm already missing the chats during the lessons, LOL. Thank you very much for everything Steve.
I cannot speak highly enough of Steve. He is a great guy and an excellent teacher with the patience of a saint. I don't think I could have passed my test with anyone else! and to be honest, I'm already missing our weekly chats. Highly recommended.
I can’t rate Steve highly enough. I was a very nervous learner but found Steve to be patient and reassuring. I was so happy to pass first time! Would highly recommend.
Really nice driving instructor, very patient and reliable. Passed first time! Covered everything well.
I had Steve as my instructor from day one till pass (second attempt), it's been great working with him - he's easy to get along with and has taught me to drive to a good standard. Would highly recommend!
I passed first time today with Steve. An absolutely fantastic instructor and just a lovely person! I had a few lessons with a previous instructor and didn't progress at all. I'm a very nervous driver and not once did he shout or make me feel inadequate. He was always punctual and was ever so patient with me and constantly reassuring that I could do this! I really couldn't have done it without him and I enjoyed all my lessons with him. If you're looking and wondering if this is the instructor for you, you need look no more!
I passed first time with Steve , couldn’t have gone better he’s a realy nice bloke and an even better instructor. Got back to me straight away to arrange a first lesson, and was always very thorough and enthusiastic, throughout my time driveing with him. I will highly recommend Steve to anyone.
I would highly recommend Steve as your driving instructor. Before I found Steve I had tried contacting a number of instructors and all had either not replied to my calls/ emails or had said they would get back to me and didn't. I had almost given up on finding someone to teach me to drive until I messaged Steve. Steve replied promptly to my interest and was able to book me in for a lesson. Steve is a really nice, reliable guy. His approach to teaching is great as it ensured I had all the experience, skills and knowledge ready for my test. Thanks to Steve I passed my driving test first time.
I passed with Steve on my 3rd attempt, other 2 attempts was with another instructor! Honestly couldn’t recommend a better driving instructor. Steve is so patient and will help you with anything.
I passed my test today on the second attempt, the first time with Steve! He is a very nice person and one of the finest driving instructors I've ever met. I've had around 6 hours of driving with Steve and he was very patient the entire time, unlike my previous instructor. Steve is very professional and friendly and helped me overcome my shortcomings and mistakes that I used to make on a regular basis. The mock test on the day before helped me a lot with my test as it highlighted my mistakes where I was most likely to fail. I would definitely recommend taking lessons with him!! Thank you Steve!!
I just passed yesterday on my third attempt after having failed twice with two other instructors. I only had about 8 hours with Steve but I feel like he is a much better instructor than my two previous instructors. He is calm and I felt comfortable with him. My mock test was especially useful because it identified what I was most likely to fail on. If I decide to do pass plus, I’ll definitely go with Steve.
I passed with Steve first time. He is an excellent instructor. He is patient and calm. Although I had previous lessons years back, I did not have the confidence in driving when I came to take lessons from Steve. He has the best teaching skills. He definitely helped to boost my confidence, not only during lessons but also the day of my test. I would recommend Steve to anyone. Thanks so much Steve.
I'm so happy I learnt to drive with Steve, as a very nervous person i lacked confidence but with help I learnt to enjoy driving and passed my driving test first time. Steve is friendly and patient and I can't recommend him enough.
Such a lovely guy brilliant instructor very patient and understanding I passed 1st time!! With steve would recommend to others !!
Steve is a very patient and understanding instructor. He has a helpful attitude in instructing people to pass there driving test. I would recommend him to any level learner driver.
Really good driving instructor. Stays calm and teaches well with good methods. Not only a good teacher but also a friendly person you can bond with. I passed first time so that reflects how well he taught me.
Steve is really friendly and easy to get along with. He is very patient and a good choice especially if you are a nervous person. I've been learning with Steve since about March last year, and although I failed my first test he couched me through to help me pass on my second try. It was very easy to learn with Steve and I would recommend him if you are looking at learning to drive, and would like someone that is friendly, patient and easy to talk to.
Being a nervous learner at the wheel and after trying for many years I found in Steve the instructor I needed as he is very patient, calm, confidence builder and adaptable to any situation. I really feel I learned how to drive and not just only to pass the test. Before trying Steve lessons I was on the verge of giving up. I tried many instructors before, but he is at another level. Definitely recommendable , not just to difficult cases but anyone seeking quality in something as important as learning to drive.
Steve is such a great instructor, I'd recommend him to everyone. After 12 years of no lessons he got me ready for my test and I passed first time. If you're thinking of learning to drive, choose Steve as your instructor. He's brilliant!
I think Steve is best driving instructor in Basingstoke. My friend, my brother and now i passed my driving test with Steve and my Wife will be starting driving lessons with Steve soon. I would recommend Steve to everyone who is looking for a driving instructor to learn driving in Basingstoke area.
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