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My son has been at little adventurers for over 6 months now and the development that we've seen is amazing. He absolutely loves the staff and often wants to "go and tell them" when we are at home! We had a recent parents evening and his beautiful learning journal was filled with pictures and quotes as well as information on his development. I cannot praise this nursery enough and can't wait until my other son is old enough to go!
Little Adventurers Nursery is the perfect environment to shape toddlers into little people starting out prior to school. It is a warm and friendly place to learn great life skills which are needed both in and out of the home. My daughter loves Little Adventurers Nursery and that's good enough for me!
My daughter had a few problems settling in at Nursery as she had never been left before. She has now been attending Little Adventurers for a few weeks now. During the settling in period I was fortunate enough to be able to stay for a little while and see the Nursery at work. The range of activities that the children do is quite amazing. Her teachers are very encouraging, but at the same time have the experience to allow the children to discover things for themselves. For all the tears, my daughter tells me quite happily about what she has been doing during her day. She seems to have learnt something new every time she returns home. My daughter speaks fondly of her teachers and what she wants to do on her next visit to Little Adventurers!
We are really pleased with how quickly our little boy has settled in to Little Adventurers. He is growing in confidence thanks to the friendly atmosphere and caring staff. When I collect him he is keen to tell me about all of the exciting things that he has done and the new friends that he has made. The Nursery obviously provides a happy and stimulating environment.
My daughter was just a few weeks off her 3rd birthday when she started at Little Adventurers at the Sherfield Park Community Centre. She settled in straight away and has not looked back! Each day my daughter has a story to tell me about her day or what she has been learning, she just loves it. The staff are very approachable, warm and friendly. Little Adventurers provides an environment in which you feel comfortable to leave your child, knowing that they will be happy and content.
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