South Essex Islamic Trust
South Essex Islamic Trust
  • South Essex Islamic Trust
    Kingswood Playcentre
    Clay Hill Road
    SS16 5AD
We are aiming to build a cultural centre and Islamic Welfare centre to benefit the community.

SEIT‘s primary goals has been to create an environment of love and affection between various ethnic groups by providing our community members Islamic Values through education, and social events. We would like to see members of our community play a leading role in making this cultural centre project a reality. We should also be actively participating in Youth programmes and working with various ethnic groups of our area irrespective of differences in cast, creed or colour.

We believe that this could best be achieved by continuous spiritual enhancement of the young, the old and the children through regular prayers, education, lectures, and library facilities.Establishment of a cultural centre is considered as the first step to achieve these high lofted objectives. We have to have a place we could get together; meet each other, think and explore areas of cooperation in various economic and social activities

Social Interaction